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12/23/2005 9:47:12 PM

Part 9: Rise of the Mods

MCs Brother sloshed down the sewer system in anger. He heard what they said about Halifax. [i]So, that wretch thinks he will make a fool of me? He thinks he can stop me? I'll show him.[/i] He clenched his fist and whispered to himself, "No one gets away with humiliating me." ------- The Mods, aside from Yoozel and Shishka, stepped up to the brick wall. Nosferatu looked around, "This is it? How are we supposed to get through? Yoozel sent us off on a fool's errand!" Impurity shook his head and pulled out his Ban-Hammer. With a ferocious growl he smashed it into the wall, sending rubble flying everywhere. When the dust and debris settled, the Mods looked out. There was nothing but a foreboding fog blocking their way. Dmbfan smiled, "Good job Imp. Let's go." He walked confidently into the fog. Everyone watched for a moment, then slowly followed him in. A shout rang out, then screams and the sound of battle up ahead sent the Mods running. -------- "Yoozel," Halifax said quietly, "You must leave. Douglas needs you." Yoozel shook his head firmly, "I won't leave. You need me here." Halifax laughed, "I can take care of myself. Besides, very few people know where this place is." He put his hand on the Mod's shoulder, "I'll be fine." He said, "But Douglas won't." Yoozel nodded, "I'll never forgive myself if something happens to you." Halifax frowned, "Quit treating me like a child Yoozel. If it wasn't for me, you would be dead as well." Yoozel sighed, "I'm sorry Halifax...I've just lost too many friends in this stupid War." Halifax nodded, "I know. But I promise you that this will end soon." Yoozel looked at him with an intense gaze, "And which side will prove the victor?" Halifax shook his head, "I don't know, which is why I suggest you do as I ask. Trust me Yoozel." "I do Halifax." With that, Yoozel left the room, following Douglas' trail. ------------ Pistolsnipe, Shishka, Ares and Steel ran as fast as they could. They reached the broken wall and heard the screams coming from the fog. Pistol immediately started forward, but Shishka stopped him. "No, they will be expecting it." He looked around, "We will use the sewers." ------------ Dmbfan swung as hard as he could, crushing the spammer's head. This was insane, there were too many of them. He looked around for some means of beating them back. There was nothing, just fog and dirt. "Well, well, well," a voice came from the mist, "If it isn't the good Mods, come to attack me." "That's not Ben." Dmbfan whispered to others, for he knew Texas Ben's voice. "You're right!" The voice called out, "It is not Ben. He has business elsewhere. Of course, since he and his former partner's recent...falling out, he came to me for help." Finally the man stepped out of the fog, "Twitch!" Goweb shouted, "You stinking little--" "Now now, Goweb. You don't want to insult your host do you?" He guestured around him, "Welcome to my humble abode. Ban-land." ------------ Douglas and the rest of the group stopped in a small alleyway. "Wait here." Pink Menace said quietly. He had a pained look on his face, although Douglas didn't know why. "I'll circle around to make sure the coast is clear." Douglas nodded, knowing that Pink was the stealthiest of them all. He looked around at the tight quarters, "Guys," he whispered, "We need to get into a better position. I don't want to be attacked in a small alley like this." "Too late Douglas." Ben said, turning the corner. He looked at each of them, crowded together in the alleyway, "Well, such esteemed guests. Kilroy and Banshee? You do honor me with such a fine catch Douglas." Douglas looked around frantically. Every exit was blocked by Spammers. "What happened to the Mods?" "Oh, I'm sure they are being taken care of as we speak. My friend was very generous in taking over that battle while I was busy." He looked around and all forms of politeness were gone when he turned back to them, "You lose Douglas. To fight is futile, to run is foolhardy, and to yell is pointless. We own the Flood, and you cannot stop us." ---------- Yoozel ran as fast as he could, weaving in and out of alleyways, trying to remain as discreet as possible. He saw the group gathering around one alley and knew that Douglas was in there. He quickly climbed a rain gutter and crawled across the roof of a thread. ---------- "What have you done with Pink?" Douglas demanded. "Why should you be worried about him? After all," Ben said with a smirk, "He's the one that led us to you." Pink stepped around the corner and walked in beside Ben. "I'm sorry." He said, tears in his eyes, "I had no choice." Douglas stood there, transfixed, staring at his former friend. "Pink..." "I'm sorry." He said again. Ben laughed. ----------- Yoozel had seen enough. He jumped down , landing on one group of Spammers. He stood up and swung his Hammer to the right, smashing a Spammer against the wall. He kicked out as another one tried to grab his leg, breaking the Spammer's nose. "This way!" He shouted to Douglas and the others just as a Spammer rolled into the back of his leg, sending him flying to the ground. The Spammers quickly piled on top of him, trying to hold him down. Douglas and the others rushed twoard Yoozel, Pink and Texas Ben close behind. Douglas barreled in, knocking three of the Spammers off of Yoozel. Banshee stabbed down into the pile with his sword, skewering a Spammer that was deeper in the pile. Kilroy turned around and drew his sabre, waiting for Pink and Ben to get closer. Douglas saw the action and yelled back to Kilroy. "Go!" Kilroy shouted, "The Mods need you! Save Yoozel and get out of here!" Douglas knew Kilroy was right, they had very little time. He and Banshee ducked as Yoozel sent the last few Spammers flying. They helped Yoozel up and looked back at Kilroy. The Spammers were all crowding in behind Ben and Pink, and more were circling around the other way. "Come," Yoozel said solemnly, "This is not our fight." "This isn't a fight at all!" Banshee shouted, "They will destroy him!" "Perhaps." Yoozel consented, "But we will fair no better here. We must help where we can." They ran off, the sound of Spammers laughing ringing in their ears. ------------ Dragon Eyes led her group up the streets. She knew Texas Ben was close by, she just had to find him. ----------- "Why did you do it?" Kilroy asked, as Pink and Ben closed in. "When you are in love, you are willing to do anything." Pink responded. He stalked closer and swung his blade across. Kilroy smacked it high and countered with a stab. Pink sucked in his stomach and launched his fist out, hitting Kilroy in the face and sending him staggering back. He paused when he heard shouts from the Spammers behind him. "Come on Ben! You yellow coward!" Pink knew that voice. Ben paled visibly. "Dragon Eyes" they both whispered, when in awe, the other in fear. Kilroy mistook Pink's pause, "You don't have to do this." He said, bringing Pink out of his trance, "Whoever she is, we can keep her safe. I promise. Nothing in the world can be worth becoming a Spammer." "I'm not a Spammer!" Pink shouted. "And I don't need your sympathy." "It's not sympathy." Kilroy said calmly, "It's an offer of help." Pink shuddered, he knew what he had to do. He turned to face Ben, who was still shaking. "He's right Ben." He kicked Ben in the groin, "I'm finished." ----------- Halifax sat quietly in his room, watching the events unfold. He hoped that Shishka's and Yoozel's group would get to the other Mods in time. So caught up in the events, Halifax didn't notice the figure creeping closer. A gag was suddenly placed over his mouth and he was dragged from his room by the masked invader.
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