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8/24/2010 5:06:50 PM

The heretics will lose. The great journey will begin, WORT WORT WORT!!

Bungie, our most exalted prophets have been deemed correct. The heretics are losing, the traitors are now returning, back within our grasp, and have discovered, the great journey is not a lie. The traitors bring back the often heard message, " trust me mw2 isnt all that great anymore....its gona go all -blam!- cuz theres a thing with RPDs and no scoping....". Heh... we shall soon, retrieve the index, fire the ring, and see the heretics crumble! As we launch our newest weapon... The most exalted oracle. Halo: Reach. Once we release Reach, we will sit upon our pitiful enemies, and watch them suffer as we enter the great journey and condemn them all, to their doomed existence! Soon, we shall sit as kings upon the world, watch as all the heretics perish playing their wretched game. The entire universe will follow in our footsteps, once we activate the index, and those who do not, will be doomed for all eternity to grasp and stumble in our wake to the highest point of our power. [url=]forever.[/url] They may produce sly technologies in a feeble attempt to destroy us, to keep the great journey from us, such as Modern Warfare: 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Red Dead Redeemption, Mario Galaxy: 2. These puny efforts! We have NEVER known defeat, and shall never face it, only ONCE has any heretic dared, and SUCCEED! It shall be no longer... Aha! I have just been informed by one of our unggoy, [url=]here[/url]. Little do the fools know what we have in stock for them! [UPDATE]: : : Cycle 1~1 Well, my brothers! The prophets have released the information of the day our enemies will burn at our very hands! This fateful day, on September 14th, the great journey will start! [UPDATE]: : : Cycle 2~1 Our most legendary prophets have announced a new and exiting vehicle that will lead us to the dominance of this campaign, their words "Think about a vehicle that runs on lightning..." [UPDATE]: : : Cycle 3~1 This week, our Prophets will make a presentation at the E3 center, they will shiver in our wake as we present them the weapon we are launching in September! The heretics also have a few tricks up their sleeves, I suppose but NOTHING can match our greatness and elegance in Reach. We will laugh as they present their piece of *elite swearing* to us, even though the heretics are winning so far.... by so little. Wait until September, comrades. [UPDATE]: : : Cycle 4~1 Huzzah! Our presentation at E3 was devastating, our prophets will have a deceive victory. My brothers, do you not see? We have won... there is no competition, nothing can beat us now, any weapon the heretics will throw in our wake is relative to a pebble, it is suicide. Now, remember our traitors, who have dropped the 360 for the PS3 or our Prophets for the Heretics? Remember the treacherous heretics!? Soon, do not worry. You will soon laugh in their faces when they wither in in pain... [UPDATE]: : : Cycle 1~2 *Having technical issues with my internet connection to Prophetbox live. Why must the engineers and grunt workers have to build my house so big? So many internet ports, so many cables in the routers!!!! WHICH ONE GOES WHERE???? WHAT'S WITH THE 1GB INTERNET SPEED BUT TAKES 22.3 SECONDS TO LOAD A PICTURE???* *Elite screaming in anguish* *Ahem* HERETICS... They might not know it, they might not think of it, but their world is to come to an end very, very soon. They might have a slight victory... the fools have killed the Prophet of Halo 3. A minor, and indecisive victory. Have the fools forgotten, we cannot be stopped???!! But I wonder, prophets, what will come, AFTER the great journey? The heretics will be reduced to laughable numbers in a single instant, their leaders will be destroyed, but what, is after this all? Yapyap: "Grunt birthday party?" [UPDATE]: : : Cycle 2~2 I apologize for this late update. I had to burn through a few trolls on my infected ship "The compromise of the laser in reaction to it's skepticism." before this update. Well, I have recived urgent news, in an outdated, isolated and neglected heretic community, they dare speak of us... our prophets, Microsoft, and even our allys! It is unacceptable! We must send our regards to this heretical community! *Ships jump out of slipspace* *Shipmaster, noob ships. We outnumber them a billion to 1!* *Then... it is not an even fight. All cruisers, fire at will. Burn their mongrel hides... This community dares to even speak about the Arbiter, Microsoft. You may attack at will. Their coordinates are [url=]here[/url], pretend you are one of them and make an account, then cause havok and destruction from within! [UPDATE]: : : Cycle 3~2 Thanks, to our superiors at Gold versus Purple, they have given us our battleground back. That is all, for this short update. [Addition] How, can they stand their ignorance? I cannot believe it, they, the fools do not even have the most vague idea how, a hologram armor ability really works! The fools... Have they forgotten, one of our most holy relics... the search bar? I cannot understand how hard it is to type in "hologram" and find the correct source from the threads compilation! [UPDATE]: : : Cycle 4~2 I once had a close friend. Only after killing thousands of heretics in our genocidal campaign and burned through millions of trolls alike, he... after the heretics launched a puny weapon of no significance, of no use... he has become a heretic... [b]the fool, would rather be a low ranking heretic! Than be the highest of your organized community![/b] I cannot believe so... he has... after cycles upon cycles of burning trolls and heretics alike, has gone with the so called MW2 because his community... his [b]puny and insignificant community seems to play MW2 the most!!!![/b]. He has never held command of one of our cruisers... but now... he commands a heretic PS3. Unbelievable. *Cry* *Sniff* Once, the great journey in a few months... is initiated... he shall be no longer. Every day shall he come begging to remove his heretical status and I shall deny, and "laugh in alien tongues at his effort to survive...". Regret... Regret... Regret... Catchy. Any idea what it means? Dear Bungie. We regret being heretic b*stards, we regret coming to Sanghelios, and we most definitely regret that the corps just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet! [u]Ooh-rah![/u] [UPDATE]: : : Cycle 1~3 Aha! The end of this war draws near, more options are revealed! The heretics may dance upon the prophet of halo 3's grave, but they will be punished even further for this treacherous cunning. We take no prisoners, and we spare no enemy. The humans are with us, to defeat the heretics with us, finally they have joined our ranks, seeing our power. [UPDATE]: : : Cycle 2~3 Brothers... we all know, after cycles upon cycles... the truth will be revealed. The most exhaled oracle will fall... to the dirty hands of the heretics. But, we do not go, without a bang. When the rings fire, the heretics will be pushed to the dirty abyss from where they came from, and in our hopes, not to rise again. Forge 2.0. It has been revealed!!! Our sacred shrine, our glory of production!!!! Your destruction is the will of the gods... and we,[u][b]are[/u][/b] their instrument! (New feature) *Distress beacon* This beacon will allow for better communication and assist to our fight for the great journey. They will be linked. Squadron leaders, it is up to you to win our fight. Enter the fight outside of our carrier, to keep the heretics at bay, to prevent the additional destruction of the rings! [Edited on 11.06.2010 7:52 PM PDT]
#Halo #Reach

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