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12/20/2005 12:32:13 AM

Part 8: Rise of the Mods

Nosferatu let out a frustrated sigh. "How are we supposed to find Ben when he's supposedly not even in the Forums?" "Don't be a fool!" Impurity snapped, "You know as well as the rest of us that there is only one place he could go outside the Forums." Nos sighed again, "I know. I just wish we were wrong. This is the last place I want to go." Impurity nodded and laid a comforting hand on Nos' shoulder, "I think the same can be said about all of us." He looked ahead with a grimace, "But Ben has to be taken down." There was no more discussion after that, but the Mods all kept one hand on their Ban-Hammers. ------- Douglas looked around and wringed his hands. This was where he was supposed to meet the first contact, but there was no one to be seen. "Hi." Douglas jumped and let out a squeal. He turned to see someone climbing out of a manhole that led to the sewer. He was surprised that the smell hadn't alerted him sooner. The man stood up and pulled back the cowl of his hood, "My name is--" "I know you!" Douglas said excitedly, "You're Pink Menace!" Pink sighed, "That was a long time ago. Since I've gone into hiding, I go under the alias, Pimp at Sea." Douglas laughed, "So that's who you are. I figured you wer too smart to just be another average user." Noticing his sad expression, Douglas put his hand on Pink's shoulder, "I've always known you as Pink, and I won't be calling you that fake name any time soon." Pink smiled, "Thank you." He looked around and frowned, "Where are the others?" Douglas shook his head, "There are two other people we need to get." Pink stepped back in surprise and nearly tripped into the manhole, "Only two?" He asked, catching himself before he fell. "Who does Halifax think we are?" Douglas sighed, "I know, but honest people are in short supply nowadays. Hopefully these two will be willing to help." "What do you mean?" Douglas sat on the bench, "Well, the good members of this Forum, as you know, are starting to leave. People are losing hope that any change can be made. Our next recruit will likely be willing to help, but the final one. . .He has been against violent reformation ever since the Spam started rising." "Who?" Pink asked. "Banshee Barron." --------- Ares walked down the street, alone. He knew he was taking a risk, but he had to find her. She had been missing for several days and the recent activity from the Spammers worried him. So did Halifax's warning that she needed protection. A dark form brushed bast him quickly, not offering any words but clearly on important business. Ares peered closer at the retreating form and gasped. That Ban-Hammer, it's insignia indicated that Shishka was the owner. This was very important. Ares looked around and then started following the Mod at a safe distance. --------- Pistolsnipe watched as Ares started running after Shishka and wondered just how much of this was going according to Halifax's plan. He started sprinting to the appointed meeting place. -------- Shishka saw a man charging toward him, yelling something undecipherable. As the man passed through the light, Shishka recognized him. "MCs Brother!" He shouted, "Come face me! I know where Steel is!" "Steel is dead!" MCs Brother shouted back. Shishka stood stunned, then shook himself, "Ha, nice try, but I won't fall for your tricks!" "Fine," MCs Brother, "But know that if you are fighting for her, then you are fighting for a lost cause. I said it once and I will only say it once more...She's dead." Shishka let out a yell, "No! You're a lier!" He charged forward, swinging his hammer down. MCs Brother barely got his sword up in time and nearly buckled under the weight of the blow. Shishka retracted the hammer and then launched it straight forward. MCs Brother ducked and snapped his blade up, sending the Hammer high. MCs Brother poked out with his sword and sliced Shishka's leg, causing the Mod to drop the Hammer in pain. MCs Brother gave a triumphant smile as he stood over the Mod. ------- Ares leaned heavily against the wall. He couldn't believe what he had heard. She was dead. Or at least, that's what MCs Brother had said. Ares thought for a minute and then felt at the bulge in his coat pocket. Gaining confidence, he rushed down the street. He knew where she would be now. Everything Halifax had said had been true. And now he knew why Halifax had given him that flask. ------- Pistolsnipe sat watching, helpless. He wanted to rush to Shishka's aid, but Halifax had told him to stay out of the fight unless it was absolutely necessary. But then, why bother sending Pistol at all? What was he supposed to gain out of this. He watched as Shishka's hammer fell to the ground, entranced as it rolled toward him. This couldn't be happening. How could Halifax had known this would happen? Pistolsnipe shook himself from his thoughts and reached down and grabbed the hammer. Pistol held the Hammer firmly in his hands. He knew why he was here now. ------- Shishka knew he was beaten. He kneeled and waited for the final blow. MCs Brother was more than willing to give out. The sword sliced down. Shishka sat, motionless. He heard a thump and looked up. MCs Brother had fallen to the ground. Pistolsnipe smiled, "You weren't really going to be taken down that easy now were you?" He offered his hand and Shishka accepted with a smile. ------- Ares cradled Steel's head in his arm and then forced her mouth open. He quickly uncorked the flask and dumped the liquid down her throat. [i]How did Halifax know this would happen[/i], he wondered. Steel awoke, coughing and spluttering. Ares cried out in joy, "Steel! You're alive!" Steel looked up at him and smiled, "Ares, is that you?" Ares laughed, "Yes, yes Steel, it's me. I won't let anything happen to you." Steel grabbed him by the shoulder, "Help me up Ares, I'm still weak." She looked at the empty flask, understanding that it was used for her benefit and grasped Ares in a tight hug. When they separated she looked back at the flask and asked, "What was in that thing anyway? It certainly works wonders!" "I don't know." Ares replied. "Halifax gave it to me." "Really? That kid is full of surprises." "Indeed," Ares said as they walked back up the street, "I wonder how he knew all of this would happen." -------- Shishka looked at the returning pair and his eyes filled with tears. He rushed over to Steel, "You're alive!" "So I've been told." She replied with a sly wink. Then her eyes dropped, "Shishka...I have something to tell you." She quickly related all the recent events that led up to this night, how she had betrayed the Mods, warned the Spammers, spied. She was crying by the end and Shishka held her close. "Don't worry." He said, "All is forgiven. You really haven't done any harm. In fact, you led us to the real ring leader in this Spam attack!" He looked over at where MCs Brother's body had been then gasped. "He's gone!" Shishka shouted. He looked at Pistolsnipe, "Where did he go?" Pistol shrugged and then looked around. "I think he slithered down into the sewer." He said, pointing at the manhole. It was closed, but there were fingerprints on the sides. Shishka started forward, "We have to catch him!" Ares stopped him, grabbing him by the shoulder and said, "No." At their questioning glances he laughed, "I too have had a visit with Halifax. He told me that MCs Brother and Texas Ben use the sewers for their group of Spammers. It's too dangerous for any of us to go down." Shishka grunted, "A fitting place." Then he sighed, "It's a shame that it's so easily defended. They could strike anywhere in the city using this sewer system. I hope Halifax has a few more tricks up his sleeve." ----------- Halifax turned off the t.v. that he had been watching the group through. He had hoped that MCs Brother would be killed. When he saw MCs Brother crawling away, he wanted to yell out. But he couldn't. All he could do was watch. --------- Douglas and Pink Menace walked side by side until they met another Member sitting on a bench. "Hello Kilroy," Douglas said. "I hope you mean to join us." Kilroy smiled, "Of course, otherwise I wouldn't be here." Douglas nodded, "Let's hope Banshee is just as amiable." He wasn't. When they reached his house, Douglas looked around, "This is it." He said with a sigh. "Let's hope he cooperates." "Yes, let's." Said a voice behind the door. Douglas jumped, "Why do you people always do that?" He turned to the door and started opening it. "Do not enter." Came the commanding voice from behind the door. "I have spoken with Halifax and I have my answer." "What is it?" Douglas asked. "No." "So, you don't want to help the Mods?" Douglas inquired, fully expecting Banshee to be against coming with them, but knowing they would need him. "I help where I can, but I won't force people to think our way." "They do the same to us." Douglas insisted. "So why sink to their level?" Douglas sighed, "Please Barron. We have a chance to stop them. They are going to take over if we don't do something drastic soon. We need you." There was a pause at the door, "Alright. I'll help." Douglas was elated as the door opened. They could win now. Nothing could stand against them.
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