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12/8/2005 11:43:34 PM

Part 6: Rise of the Mods

Steel looked around nervously. All of the Mods had entered the room and were watching her closely. They considered her a friend but they still wondered what she was doing. "Alright," Shishka said, "This meeting is, for the most part, about the attack on the 'describe the person above you' thread." The Mods started murmuring, all of them nodding their heads, Nosferatu and Yoozel discussing battle plans. Shishka held up a finger, "But, it is also to discuss you." Everyone quieted down, confused by the cryptic statement. "What about us?" Chris asked. "Not you." Shishka replied. He then pointed to Dmbfan, "You." He moved on as Dmbfan looked around nervously, "And you," he said, pointing at GameJunkieJim, "And all of you new Mods." He threw his arm wide, taking them all in. They all looked at each other and frowned. "What are you talking about?" Dmbfan asked, "What have we done?" Shishka sighed, "I have recieved reports that you have been hassling members of the Flood. I don't know who it is, but I know that I can't work with people who might not be Mod material." The room was in an uproar. "What?" Impuy shouted, rising to his feet, "We are all faithful and we would never hurt someone else! Who told you this?" Shishka shrugged, "Ask Steel." He guestured to the back wall. There was no answer. He looked back and frowned. "Steel?" She was nowhere to be seen. "Steel?" Toast said incredulously, "She accused us? She is a good friend of mine, she would never do such a thing!" Shishka sat down, "She did. And as you all know, she is a very honest, and very emotional person. Which is why I can't take you with me. At least, not until we sort this out." "So what are we supposed to do?" GameJunkie asked. "Continue moderating the Forum. But don't come near the thread we are attacking." The older Mods nodded in agreement and the meeting was finished. They were going to attack, and now they were 6 Mods short of what they had planned on. -------- Douglas walked into the thread and sighed. Everyone turned to look at him, "Hello." He said in as girly a voice as he could manage. "Hello." The crowd of men replied. "What's your name?" "It's Cindy." Douglas replied, disgusted with these people, some whom he recognized. "Welcome. Thank you for gracing us with your presence." Douglas walked through the thread to the bar at the other end, a crowd of men following him. He sat down and looked around, he would need to be alert. "I'll just have water." He said to the bar-tender. "I'll have a Moonshine." A man next to him replied. "Who are you?" Douglas asked. "M'names Ki--" He hiccuped, clearly this wasn't his first drink, "King Cream." "King? What happened to you?" Douglas was astounded and nearly dropped his voice before catching himself. "Hehe, you recognize me I see. Well, I tell ya what happened to me. Those dang Mods!" He shouted the last part at the top of his lungs. "What about them?" "They comes and attacks me and me pals. We was jus' hangin' out at Ben's group and here comes Recooon and some other fella around back. We fought hard, but they beat us with them nasty hammers." King, who had always been so intelligent and interesting, could barely form a coherent sentence. "You don't say. Well, I hope you aren't hurt to bad." He put his hand on King's shoulder and then immediately wished he hadn't when the crowd jeered behind him. "King's gonna marry Cindy!" They shouted, "And then we'll have a queen o' the Flood!" A cheer rose. This was getting dangerous. King smiled, "Ya, I hurt. But you could make it all better. I bet you're thirsty for sumthin' a lot stronger than that water o' yers." Douglas stood up, "I can't believe this." He looked around, "Oh how the mighty have fallen." He muttered under his breath, glancing at BlackJack Green and Smealian who were at the head of the crowd. "What was that you said/" King asked with another hiccup. "I'm sorry," Douglas said with a thin smile, "I must be going." "Oh come now!" BlackJack shouted, "The party's just gettin' started!" The crowd closed in and grabbed Douglas, pulling him into the crowd. The men all laughed as he got dragged further in, laughed as they started to tear at his dress. Then frowned when they saw the hair on his arm. A man looked closer, "This gals' got stubble on her chin!" "And look at them shoes!" Another shouted, "They're huge!" Smealian looked aroun, "I don't think this is a gal," he said quietly, "I think this be a spy!" The crowd shouted in anger and started tearing, not at his dress this time, but at his arms, his hair, his ears. They were trying to tear him apart. Then the door opened. Everyone turned as it slammed shut. "Everyone, get ready." Steel said, "The Mods are coming." ---------- Shishka led the Mods up to the thread, it was very large, very rich. This would be difficult with their small numbers. "Let's go." Goweb said. "Goweb." Shishka whispered, "You have the golden hand. climb up to that window there and attack from above. Don't let them escape." "That is, if they even try and escape." Recon said quietly. "What?" Shishka snapped. "Me and Maka had trouble with three skilled men. Who knows who will be in there." Shishka laughed, "You have always been a little soft. A little lenient. I think it's time for you to toughen up and show them who's boss." Recon shook his head but remained silent. "Let's move." Shishka said at last. ----------- Douglas was pulled to the grownd and tied up to a billiard table. They left him there and made their preparations. He looked around and wondered what they hoped to do. The new Mods were tough, very tough. As were the old. And these were just fools. Drunken fools. The door burst open and Shishka charged in. No one was there. No one except Douglas at the other end of the room. Shishka rushed over. "Douglas, are you alright?" Before he got within 5 feet of Douglas, the room erupted into chaos. People who were strapped to the cieling dropped down, landing on Shishka's back, bringing him to the ground. The other Mods were similarly assaulted. Recon dropped to the floor below as the ground gave way beneath him. Yoozel shouted but was dragged back by a host of Spammers. Douglas watched in horror. The table was crushed under the weight of the three Spammers who had been thrown by Shishka. Douglas was still tied to the leg, but he was able to swing his arms under his legs and stand up. He ran forward, twisting his hands to hold the stick. He lunged left, jabbing Smealian in the eye, then turned and kicked his foot out, catching another Spammer he didn't recognize in the stomach. Unfortunately for the Spammer, Douglas was wearing high heels. Shishka nodded his approval, but before he could cut Douglas free, more Spammers crowded in, separating the two. ----------- Recon stood up slowly and dusted himself off. He was shaken, but ready to get back in the fight. He turned to run up the stairs and froze. "Hello Recon." King said with a grim smile. "Remember me?" "I beat you once, I can beat you again." Recon said confidently. "You don't have another Mod watching your back though! Where's your back up?" He looked around, as if surprised by the lack of Mods, although Recon knew he had suspected this, "What is Recon doing down here? And so alone?" Recon looked up, the screams were coming from both sides. His friends needed him and he was stuck down here. "Alright King. You payed your price, now let it go. You were a good member once. You can come back." "No!" King shouted, coming forward in fury. He drew his blade and launched an over head strike that Recon easily blocked. "I will not be coaxed! I will not be reasoned with! And I will not be humiliated again!" He finished with a kick, making Recon jump back to avoid the blow. Recon smacked the sword down punched King in the face. "You were good." He said, then laid King low with his Hammer. "Then you turned to Spam." King lay on his back, eyes closed, but he heard every word. Then he fell into unconsciousness. ----------- Yoozel held a Spammer by the neck and threw him against a supporting beam, snapping it in half. The next Spammer was coming in close, to close for Yoozel's hammer to be useful. Yoozel reached back and felt the dart board. He grabbed one dart and swung his hand forward, catching the Spammer in the eye. "Poke." He said laughing. Nosferatu and Chris stood back to back, swinging left and right, effectively keeping the Spammers at bay. Shishka looked at his Mods with pride after a moments reprieve. But he knew that they were losing, Maka was facing desperately against 5 Spammers, Nos and Chris were fighting well, but they were getting tired and the Spammers would break through. Yoozel was surrounded, hopelessly outnumbered, yet holding his own as well as he could. They were going to lose. Shishka had written off the 6 Mods who were supposed to be the deciding factor in this battle. He had sent them away and now his team was doomed. "Back out!" He shouted. "Retreat!" The crowd laughed. Then they screamed as the ceiling broke and a piano dropped down on a group of Spammers, Goweb dropping right behind it. shishka felt a surge of joy and fought harder, shouting, "Goweb is here! The Golden Hand has come!" ---------- [b]Continued[/b] [Edited on 12/8/2005]
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