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12/5/2005 9:09:09 PM

Part 5: Rise of the Mods

All of the Mods had left to perform their various duties. Shishka was sitting at his desk filling out a list of problems for Achronos. The Sewers were almost full of Spam, there was no way for people to find each other in the vast expanse of the Flood, and most pressing of all, the amount of people trying to destroy the city with Spam and Flames. He looked up as the door opened. "Hello Steel." He said with a smile, "It's good to see you." Steel smiled back, "It's good to see you too." She rushed over, tears in her eyes and gave him a hug, "I'm scared. Men seem to be following me everywhere. And it's not just me, it's all of the other women in the Flood. Heck, even Halifax gets followed by men and women!" Shishka let out a small chuckle, "He can take care of himself, don't worry about that. Do these men hurt you though?" He asked, concerned by the terror in her face. "No," she said, this was the part she was dreading, "But the Mods threaten me. They seem to think that they own the place and everyone in it." "What?" Shishka stood up, the blood rising to his face, "How dare you accuse the Mods of something like that? They were hand picked and they have all--" "It's not the old ones," She cut in, "It's your new recruits. They seem to be abusing their power. I'm afraid." She held onto him as he tried to move away, "You are the only one I can trust." Shishka sighed, "Alright, I'll look into it. In the meantime, you need to go back to--" "Don't send me back!" She wailed, "I don't feel safe! None of the girls do! Please let me stay." She was on her knees, begging. Shishka was shocked, he had never seen her so shaken up. She had been sad before, even angry a few times--That was something he feared more than the mass Spam attack--But never scared. Not like this. "Please." She murmured again, pressing her tear-stained cheek against his hand. "Alright." He said. -------- Douglas frowned when he came out of the dressing room, "You want me to infiltrate the Spammers camp by dressing up as a girl?" Halifax laughed, "Of course! How do you think I manage to get information? I have put on so many disguises I can't even remember half of them." Douglas sighed, "Are you sure this will be helpful to the Flood, not just some way for you to amuse yourself?" Halifax smiled, although Douglas couldn't see it since Halifax was still in a darkened portion of the room, "Actually it will do both." Douglas sneered and then left the buliding. He had to admit as he walked down the steps, this dress was very pretty. ------- Texas Ben came rushing around the corner, searching for MCs Brother. He saw the signal and stepped into a vacant thread. "Well." Mcs Brother said, not wasting time on greetings. "The spy has infiltrated their camp." "Camp?" "You know what I mean." Ben replied hotly. MCs Brother smiled, "Good. Make sure she remains faithful." Ben sighed, "Why am I the one that does all the following?" "Because I'm the only one that seems to be doing any thinking." MCs Brother replied quickly. "Hey, this whole rebellion was my idea!" Ben fumed. "You would have never pulled it off without me. Now, will you please stop shouting and follow our...client?" Ben left, face red with fury. So long as he did what was asked, that's all MCs Brother needed. -------- Dragon Eyes watched the entire exchange from the shadows. [i]Well,[/i] she thought to herself, [i]it seems I'll have some competition.[/i] She arrived back at her group, grim faced. Everyone gathered around her to hear the news. "Alright, it seems MCs Brother is leading a different group. I'm afraid that we will have a rival if we beat the Mods." Splitt spoke hesitantly, "Wouldn't it be better to ally with them?" Dragon Eyes laughed, "No. MCs Brother has already cowed Texas Ben into submission. I will not let him control me. We will strike when the strike. And once victory seems imminent, we will stab him in the back." "Uhh, won't he notice another group coming with him?" Budweiser Man asked. "Yes. That's why I'm going to make him think we're on his side, but not allied. I'll let him know that I mean to help, I don't mean to serve. And in the end." She slammed her fist into the palm of her hand. "You get the idea." [Edited on 12/5/2005]
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