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12/1/2005 11:03:30 PM

Part 4: Rise of the Mods

Douglas Adams waited outside the door, he was surprised at how dark this place was. Halifax liked being mysterious, but the least Halifax could do was brighten this place up a bit. At last a voice came over the intercom, "Douglas, you may enter." He wondered who that was. When he entered the room he blinked, it was even darker here. Almost pitch black. There was a small desk in the middle of the room. A lamp shone dimly on top of the desk and all Douglas could make out on the other side was hand. "Hello Halifax." Douglas said, taking a seat at the other side of the desk. "What news do you have for me?" Halifax's hand tapped up and down, but he didn't say anything. Douglas, feeling uncomfortable looked around, he still couldn't make out anything even with the lamp. "Why is it so dark here?" "The power's out." Halifax said curtly. The voice was muffled, Douglas couldn't tell if it were male or female. He had always assumed it was male, but when he saw that hand he wasn't so sure. "This lamp is running on battery." "Ah." Silence. ---------- MCs Brother met up with Texas Ben outside the quote thread. Everyone was scrambling to get inside and they wouldn't recieve much notice out there. "So. . .How is our friend doing?" Ben smiled, "She'll be infiltrating today. I hope to here from her later tonight." MCs Brother nodded, then grunted as Psyched ran past him, "Follow her, make sure she comes back." Ben looked at him, confused, "Follow her? She practically worships us. I don't think we need to---" "Follow her. I will be waiting when you get back." --------- Douglas sighed, "Look, I know you are trying to be mysterious and keep me on the edge, but this is getting annoying. I have important business!" "Yes." Halifax said, voice still muffled, "You do have important business. The sooner we finish here, the sooner you can get on with it. So I suggest you remain silent." "But how are we supposed to get anything done if we can't talk?" Silence. -------- Dragon Eyes gathered her group together, 38 people in all. "Welcome everyone to the new group." She guestured to the building behind her. "It's small." Splitt said scornfully, "Shouldn't we have something better?" Dragon Eyes frowned, "If you want it to be better, you make it better yourself. We aren't here to be pampered! We aren't here to have fun! We are here to start a war!" Fragmaster T walked over to the sign hanging by the door, "Random War? That's our group? Isn't that a little...suspicious?" Dragon Eyes smiled, "Only if you make it so. When we are in the house, we will make all appearance of having fun. Parties and games all the time. We will invite people over...Certain people. People we might need to remove. People who might join us." She walked up to the door and said without turning back, "Just remember why you are here. Remember why you follow me." A cheer rose behind her. Dragon Eyes almost laughed. Men were so easily swayed. -------- Douglas was almost ready to fall asleep when the door banged open. "Oh good," Halifax said in that same even tone, "I was just about to get our guest a pillow." Douglas couldn't tell if it was joking or not. Psyched stepped forward, chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath, "Here it is." He held out a note. Halifax snatched it quickly, read it and then shoved it under the desk, "Douglas, are you willing to do anything I ask you? No matter how strange it sounds?" Douglas nodded, "Of course." Halifax sounded relieved, yet still muffled, "Good. Put these clothes on." -------- Shishka and the Mods were gathered together again. "Gentlemen, it's time to act. We are going to strike at the heart of the spammers. Tonight we are going to attack ." "Where?" Yoozel asked. "Ever hear of a thread called, 'Describe the person above you?' " [Edited on 12/1/2005]
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