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12/1/2005 2:18:28 AM

The most awesome story/thread ever, by ME! *Chapters 1+2 up!*

Ok, this is my first attempt at a story here, so please leave feedback on how I can improve!! Thanks, hope you like this... [B][U]Prisoner[/b][/u] [b]Chapter1[/b] Mark walked sluggishly into his kitchen. He pulled back his shirt sleeve and checked his watch. 12:00. Great, in a few hours, he would have to go to work, where he would sit in a cube for 8 hours and do nothing. Well, at least it put bread on the table. Speaking of which... Getting up from his stool, he shuffled over to the marble counter, where a loaf of Italian bread he had just purchased the day before was resting. Taking a knife from the wooden drawer to his left, he cut a piece of bread and wolfed it down. When he was done eating the bread, he got some milk from the fridge to wash it down. The man yawned, and looked at his watch again. 12:07. Mark knew he should go back upstairs and get some rest, but just couldn't. He had a feeling that he couldn't quite explain, it was like he was in extreme danger, which he knew was not true. All the doors were locked and his wife and daughter were asleep upstairs. Just like he should be. Suddenly, Mark jumped. He had heard something at the front door. Quietly getting up, he took a the knife he had used to cut the bread and edged his way to the door, which he threw open and jumped in front of, prepared to strike at the intruder. But there was nobody there, just his dog Sparky. Mark chuckled to himself, letting the dog in and putting the knife down "You should know there's nothing to worry're 31, don't you know not to be afraid of the dark?" Suddenly, he felt very tired and went up to bed. His wife turned over as he came in and mumbled sleepishly, "Mark...what were you doing?" "Nothing...just having a late night snack." .... Suddenly, Mark awoke. Glancing over at the clock, he saw that it was 3:00 AM. He tried to get up but couldn't. He tried again. He just couldn't do it, he couldn't move. Then, he realized it was light as day, even though it shouldn't be. He looked over at the windows, and although the shades were drawn, he could still see that a very bright light was on. Panicking, he tired to tell something to his wife Marrisa, but couldn't move his lips. Suddenly, a dark figure appeared and pulled out something that looked like a breifcase...and everything went dark. And as soon as it started, it was over, and Mark bolted up in his bed, in a cold sweat. He tried to remember what had happened, but the memory just slipped away. His wife turned over and asked him, "Bad dream hunny?" "Yeah...just a dream." was just a dream. It had to be... [b]Chapter 2[/b] "Ok Hun, have a good day at work!" Marisa shouted, waving at her husband as he got into his car. A good day? As if [i]that[/i] will ever happen... Mark checked his bad quickly to make sure he had everything. His folder, some papers, laptop, phone. It was all there. Buckling up, he turned the key and his car's engine roared to life. As he accelerated, he looked forward, and after only a few minutes he slammed on the breaks He saw the dark figure from his dream last night, standing right there in the middle of the road. It wasn't doing anything, just standing. He looked, transfixed at the being for a few seconds before bending down and scrambling through his bag for his phone. But, when he looked back out at the street, nobody was there. He puzzled over this for a few moments, before the sound of a car horn yanked him back to reality. That's what you get for all those late nights Mark... he thought to himself. ... After work, Mark decided to treat himself to a bite to eat at the local dinner. He told himself it was just to make up for a horrible day at work, but he knew it was really an attempt to shake the image of that horrible thing he had seen in the road that morning. He didn't know why he couldn't forget about it. Maybe it was to scary for him to forget, he didn't know. Mark walked into the dinner and found a seat. After a half hour, he had his food and was eating it, while pondering the days events. When he was finished, he waited patiently for the waitress to come, and let his mind wander. Oh -blam!-...did I forget to bring my laptop?! Now what will I do? I can't go back and if I need that thing for tonight... Suddenly, a cold boney hand reached out in front of him. Mark jumped up, and looked up at a waitress, who asked, "You ok?..." "Yes..,"Mark replied, embarrassed",Yes, I'm fine." "Ok..well, the check will be right out sir" Mark nodded, and turned his attention to the small TV that was on a table next to him. The channel was CNN, and nothing special seemed to be was just commercials. But, when it came back on, he wasn't prepared for what he heard. A tall, thin woman in a a white dress with long curly black hair sat at a desk, covering the latest story.. "Today we are covering the brutal murder of Mark Hone," the reporter said. This caught Mark's attention...that was him they were talking about. He turned up the volume and listened to more... "Mark Hone, 31, was found dead today in the woods outside of his workplace. He was found by his co-worker, Lance Boson, in a shallow puddle. It is not yet clear as to what the cause of death is, but it seems as if he was strangled by..." Mark didn't need to hear anymore. He put a few 20's on the table and got in his car, where he sat for hours, looking at himself in the mirror, wondering who he was... [Edited on 11/30/2005]
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