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11/26/2005 10:14:36 PM

Part 2: Rise of the Mods *Fixed*

Steel looked around. She was alone. She felt alone. She felt lost, confused, helpless. She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up. MCs Brother smiled down at her. "He was a good man," He said, "It's a shame he was driven out." Steel nodded and wiped her tear streaked face, "He was one of my greatest friends. He had helped me through so much. This place will never be the same without him." "I know," MCs Brother said kneeling down next to her, "But I'm sure he will find a better place. Perhaps you should too." Steel looked at him in surprise, "What do you mean?" MCs Brother looked off into the distance as he spoke, "I have been trying to fight spam and keep this place alive for a long time now. Groups have been created and destroyed, and nothing has come of it. Now the Mods are failing us. I have a plan to change all that." He turned to face her, "And I need your help." Steel sniffled once more, squared her shoulders and asked, "What do you need me to do?" ----- Texas Ben waited until Steel left then approached MCs Brother. "So?" He asked. "It's done. The wheels are turning and this forum will be ours before she suspects a thing." ----- Shishka faced all of the Mods, this would be much more difficult without Reiginko, but he had to do it. "Gentlemen, we have a crisis on our hands. From now on, no one goes out alone. Ever. We travel together or not at all." "But Sir," Yoozel said, raising his hand, "When are we going to counterattack?" "Against who?" Shishka asked, "Ben? He is very elusive and very resourceful, I will not attack him unless it's on ground of my choosing. For now we must wait and continue work as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened." The Mods all agreed and left in pairs. Recon pulled Maka aside, "You've been gone for a long time." He said quietly. "I've been studying." Maka replied cooly. Recon nodded, "Of course." He lowered his voice even more, "Listen, I need you. You're the only person I can trust." Maka looked at him with a curious gaze, "I've seen that look in your eyes before. You're planning something. Something dangerous." Recon smiled, "You always saw right through me." His face turned grave, "I know where Texas Ben's hideout is and I want you to help me take it." Maka looked at him with a shocked expression, "You want the two of us to attack a group?" Recon nodded, "It's called 'Fire and Ice'. He hasn't been there in awhile, but his group members have. But here's the beauty of it, there are only 5 members. And some of them don't even attend regularly." Maka shook his head, "Recon, that group is dead. Ben disbanded it, he's not even a member of 'Fire and Ice' anymore." Recon grinned, "Not officially." ------- Yoozel sighed, it was another rap thread. He could hear the shouting 2 blocks away. He glanced at Nosferatu, "Ready?" "Of course." Nos replied confidently. Yoozel nodded, "Let's move in." JSRF Clutch was standing next to Splitt and Lilshorty, all three of them yelling vehemently in defense of rap. Elmicker faced them, confident and sure of himself. "You think that I'm not diverse? I have at least 4,000 songs at my disposal! Not one of them is rap!" Tensions were running high, people who had already tried to bring peace and humor into the thread were lying on the street after being thrown out. Yoozel smiled, oh yes, this place needed a visit from the Mods. Nosferatu darted right as Yoozel went straight down the middle. The chips implanted in their eyes immediately picking out the spammers and flamers from the innocent bystanders. He swung his Ban-Hammer out, clipping Master Chef on the side of the head. Ahead of him stood Dogbert, throwing out insults left and right. The Ban-Hammer smashed into Dogbert's stomach, sending him flying backwards, knocking over several other people and giving Yoozel a clear path to Lilshorty. Nosferatu ran forward, plowing through the group. Hedreka was standing on a table yelling across the crowd. Nosferatu kicked out the two end legs of the table and sent Hedreka tumbling to the floor. The crowd cheered until they saw him turn and charge. They quickly parted, giving him a clear view of Elmicker. Lilshorty got down on her knees, "Please, I was just in here for fun! I didn't mean any harm!" She batted her eyelashes, "You wouldn't hurt a girl would you?" The last thing she saw was Hammer smashing into the side of her face. Elmicker didn't move. He just lowered his hands and waited. "I'm sorry" he said. Nosferatu stopped, "What? No defence? No pleading?" Elmicker looked at Lilshorty, lying unconscious on the ground, "You think I'm an idiot?" Nosferatu nodded, "Consider yourself warned." "What?" Elmicker looked at him in surprise. Nos laughed, "We aren't tyrants. So long as you learn your lesson, you'll be safe." Elmicker nodded, "Of course." Yoozel met up with Nos, "Did you see Splitt?" Nosferatu shook his head, "No. He must have run off." Yoozel nodded, "Alright, send out a notice to the other Mods that they need to be on the look out for him." He then turned to the crowd, "This is finished. You each have your own opinions now shut up about it unless you want to feel a bit of my Hammer." The crowd dispersed with a few gurmblings here and there but relative peace. Yoozel hoped that was the last time he saw one of these threads. ----- Splitt ran down the street, looking back as he went. He turned around and saw a man standing in front of him. He stopped and backed away slowly, "Who are you?" He asked. "A friend." She stepped into the light. Splitt shuddered, "Dragon Eyes." Dragon smiled, "You've been defying the Mods. Don't try to deny it, the fact that you are running proves it." Splitt lifted his chin arrogantly, "What are you going to do about it?" Dragon grinned, "Help you." ------ Douglas Adams felt something ringing in his ears. He opened his eyes and groaned. It was his alarm clock. He knocked it off the dresser and put his head back down, closing his eyes. Suddenly the ringing started up again. Douglas sat straight up in bed yelling, "Shut up you stupid clock!" "My my, you have quite the temper." Douglas turned slowly, "Hello Pistolsnipe. Haven't seen you in some time." Pistolsnipe shrugged, dropping the bell he had been ringing in Douglas' ears, "I've been spending time with Halifax." Douglas grunted, "Oh sure. I'm guessing he's a lot more entertaining than me." Pistolsnipe laughed, "He's a lot happier that's for sure. And he's very well informed." Douglas looked slyly at Pistol, "What have you found out?" Pistol's face turned serious, "The Mods are having trouble. They lost Reiginko as you know and the Spam level is rising." "So, what are we supposed to do?" Pistol leaned in close, "We are going to find out who is behind this." Douglas looked at him, wide awake now, "How?" "Halifax. He has contacts. He said he wouldn't get involved any further than telling us who to talk to." "So what do we do now?" Douglas asked. "We wait. Wait until he sends word." Pistol put a reassuring hand on his shoulder, "Don't worry. Halifax is dependable. He'll pull through." "I'm not worried. It's just, you never asked if I wanted to do this." Pistol smiled, "Do I need to?" Douglas laughed, "I suppose not." He shook Pistol's hand, "It's good to see you again my friend." "You too. Douglas." He sighed as Douglas got dressed in the other room and whispered to himself, "Let's just hope our reunion isn't cut short." [Edited on 11/26/2005]
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