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11/24/2005 12:39:26 AM

Rise of the Mods: Part 1

They stood nervously, shuffling their feet. Dmbfan, Impurity, The Great Pretender, Anton Nym, VII Toast and GameJunkieJim all together. None of them had expected this, none of them wanted it in such terrible times, but they all knew they would accept. Shishka paced in front of them, looking each in the eye. These were the finest members he could find. He didn't trust anyone else. "You have all been called here for one purpose." He said at last, "To become Mods. We need help as you can see by the riots and the flames running rampant through the Flood." He looked at them again, almost with pity, "It will be difficult. Being a Mod isn't easy. It is time consuming, mind-numbing at times, and most of all...Dangerous." He stopped pacing, "Will you accept this responsibility?" The new Mods said yes immediately. Shishka looked behind him at all of the other Mods sitting behind a table, he noticed Reiginko wasn't there. "Do you accept these members as new Mods?" They all nodded in ascent. Shishka turned back to the new Mods, "Now, let's begin your training." -------- Reiginko faced Texas Ben. "You have violated the rules of the forum. Step down and apologize and I will leave you in peace." Texas Ben laughed, as did the crowd behind him. "What are you going to do? You may be able to pick us off one at a time, but you can't handle all of us." Reiginko frowned, "You were never so rebellious Ben. Why do you wish to ruing the Flood now?" Ben smiled, "Ruin? I'm improving the Flood. I'm making it better! Rules are only confinements that ruin the true joy of freedom!" Reiginko guestured around him, "Look at this! This is what your 'freedom' has done! Threads being burned in flames. Spam running rampant. Nobody having any intelligent conversation! Is this what you want?" Ben frowned, "You want to know why this is happening? It's because you and all the other Mods are trying to control us!" "We're trying to help you!" Reiginko screamed! Ben shook his head, "I've heard enough. Let's end this!" The crowd surged forward and Reiginko was overwhelmed. "You're making a mistake!" He yelled as the brought him to the ground. He felt something hard hit his face as the members tore his clothing then everything went dark. ------- MCs Brother watched until Texas Ben slipped away, then ran off after him. He finally caught up and yelled. Texas Ben turned, "What do you want? Why have you been following me?" MCs Brother looked around to make sure they were alone then said quietly, "I want to help you." Texas Ben scoffed, "I don't need help." He looked back at the dispersing mob, "That is what I did and I will do it again. I don't need you." MCs Brother slapped him across the face, "You are being a fool, caught up in glory. You beat one Mod with all of them backing you up, but what happens when the other Mods join together to face you?" Texas Ben looked uneasy, and felt uneasy for the first time in awhile, "Well...I have strength in numbers." MCs Brother nodded, "As do I. But neither of us has enough alone to defeat them. But together..." he left the question hanging in the air. Ben nodded eagerly, "Yes. Together we can win! Very well," He stretched out his hand and MCs Brother took it immediately, "I accept your alliance." ----------- Reiginko uncurled from his balled up position. He had been like that for a long time while they beat him. He rubbed his eyes to get rid of the tears and looked down at himself. He was naked, bruised and in a lot of pain. But worst of all, he was beaten. ----------- Shishka rushed back to the others as the new Mods left. "Where is Reiginko? He's never missed one of our meetings!" They all shrugged, none of them had seen him that day. Just then, the door slammed open. Dmbfan and Impurity came in, carrying something in their arms. They were both crying. As Shishka got a better look, he gasped. It was Reiginko. They quickly wrapped him in a blanket and put bandages on his open wounds. When he finally seemed coherent enough to talk, Shishka asked, "What happened? Who did this to you?" Reiginko sat up and leaned against the wall, "Texas Ben." His voice was hoarse, Yoozel offered him a some water which he gratefully accepted. After taking a long swig he continued, "He was Spamming a thread when I stopped him. I didn't see anyone with him so I thought I was safe. Then the crowd came out of the shadows. I don't know how I missed them." He put his head in his hands dejectedly. "I failed and I was humiliated." Shishka put a comforting hand on his shoulder, "You did you duty." "I failed my duty! I disgraced the Mods!" He stood up, seeming much stronger, and put on some clothes Nosferatu had brought him. "I'm leaving." They all looked at each other, then back at Reiginko. Finally, Dmbfan said, "Reiginko, you can't leave! We need all the help we can get!" Reiginko laughed bitterly, "Why bother? This place has gone to Hell. And that's the only place you're going if you stay here. I made the mistake of thinking things would change if we had some good examples. But guess what? Texas Ben was one of the examples! And he failed, just like me." He opened the door and waved his hand in one last farewell, then shut it. Every house he passed, someone asked him what he was doing, why wasn't he wearing is Ban-Hammer? He told them, but he didn't stop. A crowd gathered to wave him goodbye. Steel rushed after him, "Stop! You can't leave! You are one of the few people I could talk to!" Reiginko looked at her fondly, "Perhaps...that is why I must leave. The only people working together are the ones working against the Mods. This place is dead, and so am I if I stay." He left the Flood and the Forums with that final message. The crowd lingered for a few minutes then everyone left, leaving Steel alone with her tears. She knelt down in the dirt and wept bitterly. Something had to be done. [i]A final tribute to a good Mod who has left us. Good bye Reiginko.[/i] [Edited on 11/23/2005]
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