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7/2/2010 2:07:05 AM

The HRG Saga (Flood story for story archive thread)

[i]Ok guys I cleared this with Daurdo and I am allowed to post this thread. This is for The Flood Story Archive thread that squirrel dude made. In the story it mentions two private groups, but I am in no way advertising them. (Also if you see a name and you don't know who that is just ask me.[/i] Act I, part I; The Meeting It was a cold winter night on the 13th of December 2012, all of the active members of HRG were meeting at Harlow's house, down in the deep south where many new species of animals remain undiscovered. All of HRG was currently having fried chicken Spiddey picked up from KFC. As we ate, we discussed plans for expanding HRG. Matt and Kenny were discussing plans to invite refugees from The Flood, which had just fell from a Troll invasion. All, the sudden, we see headlights in the front driveway pull up. It was Harlow's truck. Inside was him, ST0NE COLD and a new member to HRG: Nachovez. As the trio walked inside, Harlow announced "Guys, here is our newest member of HRG". This newbie looked very sneaky, but many people said there was nothing to fear. We invited him into dinner, and he ate with us. I had to remind Chupa not to fap at the table and, disappointed, he continued with his dinner. Near the middle of our meal, AJ made an announcement; "I think we should post a massive campaign in the classifieds". Agreeing with AJ, the whole table smiled in satisfaction. Spiddey then asked ; "Hey, did you guys see the Samuel Adams"? Willing to look for it, Kenny went down into the basement to go get it. Nachovez then signaled that he needed to use the restroom, and ST0NE COLD went with Kenny to grab the beer. 30 minutes later, ST0NE came back and screamed in horror "GUYS, GUYS, KENNY IS DEAD, THOSE -blam!-TARDS"! We all went down to the basement, and witnessed the horrible sight. Kenny had been stabbed to death with a #2 pencil, and - with his blood - "LOLFEGS" was written on the wall. Stcky then popped out of the washing machine, and said "Don't worry, i'm a doctor"! Ten minutes later she concluded that Kenny would not live. Harlow then said "We need to find out who did this". And right as he said that, Nachovez walked down the stairs saying "What happened?" Act I, part II Investigation With all the active members of HRG present Harlow called in a search party. His house went on full alert. Matt and ST0NE (who has a flaming skull) searched the attic. Ragez and AJ searched the rest of the basement. Peter, Bred, and CBM guarded the outside of the house. Everyone else stood in the safety of the inside. As I was cleaning my USP .45, Harlow said "Tick, come here". I cruised over to harlow, and he said "I really think that this Nachovez guy is behind all of this, I knew I shouldn't have trusted him". I told him not to jump to conclusions, that it might not be him. Agreeing with me, Harlow walked over to Stcky to comfort her, because she thought it was her fault Kenny did not survive. He told her that nobody could have prevented this, and it wasn't her fault. At that same moment, Bred and Peter came in saying "Guys, we got one!" We rushed over to see a ToTW member in a trap. Harlow forcefully asked "Did you do this?!" He quietly said "No..." and put a gun up to his head and killed himself. Harlow cursed "What the hell is happening..." We all went back in, and to our amazement, found CBM dead; decapitated. Attached to his disembodied head was a note that said "LOLFEGS". "Another one!" Chupa screamed. Fearful that we would lose more members, Harlow started up a stolen city bus and we all rode in it to the one place we though could have caused all this; TOTW headquarters. Thus began our adventure. Act I, part III; The Hunt While riding to TOTW headquarters, I looked in the back to find an empty seat. I counted everyone on the bus and realized that apollo cree was still at harlow's house. "STOP THE BUS!" I screamed, and the bus skidded to a halt. I ran out and jacked some guy's Ferrari. I raced back to Harlow's house and opened the door. As I turned on the lights, I found Cree sitting in the corner with a handgun. He was shaking, white as a ghost, and full of scratches and bruises. I asked him "Cree, who did this?". He replied with a shaken voice; "It was... it waaaa...." and at that very moment his head tilted, his mouth opened wide, and his gun fell out of his hands and fell to the floor. I walked over and checked his pulse; he was dead. I radioed into Harlow; "Harlow, Cree is dead. I'm on my way back to you guys, over". He responded "Ok, we are about 200 meters from TOTW, meet us at the abandoned industrial facility along the way. Harlow out". I walked outside to get in the stolen Ferrari, and to my surprise the tires were slashed. "DAMNIT!" I spat, then opened Harlow's garage and took his motorcycle out. I then began driving to the bus. Which had stopped near the facility. It was 12 o'clock midnight, and the moon was blood red. Act I, Part IV; Conflict Riding to the facility, I could see the brake lights of the bus. I rode into the turning lane, then stopped next to the bus. As I got off, all of the people in the bus got out. I met up with Harlow and said "What are we stopping here for?". "Look" he said. Near the doorway of the abandoned facility, a trail of blood went through it. It was fresh. Harlow suggested we should check it out, and so everyone went inside. Armed with assault rifles, handguns, and shotguns stored in the bus, we trekked inside. In a few seconds, all of the lights on our weapons flashed on. "Shhhh!" Matt said. We all stopped. There was footsteps coming from the floor up above. "Tick, Peter, Bred and I will check it out" said Harlow. Stcky was to stay behind and lead the rest of the group. As we walked upstairs, Bred stepped on a step that fell from underneath his feet. "You ok?" said Peter. "Yeah... I am fine..." replied Bred. When we got to the top level, there were bodies everywhere. All nonactive members of HRG. "Dear God..." said Harlow. And like a flash of lightning a gunshot was fired. Our guns started blazing, firing everywhere in front of us. As we fired I heard a thump. "Stop firing guys!" I said. I walked over to the far wall. A dead TOTW member laid there with multiple gun shot wounds in him. A loud noise captured my attention, and I quickly turned to the right. An unarmed TOTW member was hiding in a corner. Peter walked over to him and said "ARE YOU THE ONE WHO DID ALL THIS?!" "I... I don't know what you are talking about" proclaimed the man. Peter screamed and then killed him. Once he was done, Bred said "Guys, where is Harlow?" "I'm over here...". We all turned around and flashed light on him. He was shot in the arm. "Oh my God, are you ok?!" I asked running over to him. "Yeah, i'm fine". I looked at him with dissatisfaction. "No really, I will live" he said "Its a shot to my left arm, better than to the chest or head." As the rest of the group came up, Stcky said "Guys what happe- OH MY GOD". Running over to Harlow, she immediately asked him if he was ok. He said yes, telling her that he would live. "Ok" said Harlow. "Everyone back to the bus. I am unable to drive so Chupa will take over for me." Smiling, Chupa took the wheel while rage rolled his eyes at the fact that Chupa was driving. On the bus, Aj light a cigar, stcky put bandages on Harlow's arm and removed the .22 bullet, and I stared out the window, saying to myself "The hell is going on here..." Act I, part V; Reconnaissance The bus came to a halt right near the entrance of TOTW. We all got out, when a guard shouted, hey, who are you?". Harlow pulled out his handgun and shot him in the head. As we walked inside we all put masks on and loaded our weapons. Harlow, Stcky, Rage, Aj and Matt went one way, while Me, Chupa, SQWABY, Bred, and Peter went another way. The rest guarded the outside of the base. While we were sneaking along I seen a security camera and shot it. It went out of use. I signaled the rest of the squad to move forward. As we came around the hall I signaled the team to stop because there were three guards standing around, talking. Bred raised up his rifle and aimed the laser at one guard's head. I told him not to shoot because the other two guards were heavily armed. While thinking, I seen an air vent leading from behind the crates where I was at to the other side, where the guards were. I opened it, and told the team to wait behind for a minute. As I crawled through, I opened the other side, without the guards noticing. I took out a grenade, pulled the pin and waited for it to cook. When the time came, a threw it in the middle of the guards, one picked it up and it exploded in his hand. I heard an "AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!" and then silence. The guards were dead. Looking at all of the gore splatted on the walls, I told my team to follow. "If they didn't know that we are here before, they do now" said SQWABY. As we continued we came to another corner. A gun barrel was sticking out from the wall. I jumped to where it was and pointed my gun. The person's barrel was aimed at my head. It was Harlow. He lowered his gun and said "You scared the hell out of me." "What is the plan?" I asked. "We are going to plant these bricks of C4 in a room full of explosives, at the mid level of the building." He said. "How are we gonna do that?" Asked Rage. I looked to my left. There was an elevator shaft under construction with the wires still hanging. I looked at Harlow, he nodded 'yes'.
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