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5/5/2010 12:29:24 AM

Bungie: The Seven Apocalypse

Please note, there is a second page below [5th post!] due to character limit, as well as an explanation of why i did this! Bungie - and the number Seven. An odd couple, or obsession, or even deity - who knows! What purpose is it? Why is it in all the halo games? Why is it so revered? We may never know, yet it leaves its mark everywhere. And will show us, the future. Let's get started shall we? Firstly. A question for you. What are the top three shooter games of the Xbox 360? Give it a think, mull it over - then come back. Done? Sure? Alright. Halo Gears of War Call of Duty Now - as we know, Halo is Bungie's creation - we don't need to worry much about it - for now atleast. Gears of War however we do. Created by Epic Games - how is this related to the number seven? Its rather simple actually; and this will be used for Call of Duty as well. Epic Games; change the letters into numbers. Using the pattern A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 etc etc... we get the numbers 5,16,1,3,7,1,13,5,19. Add them up. It equals 70. 7+0 = 7. Coincidence? Perhaps, but not when it happens two more times! Call of Duty, created by Infinity Ward, as well as Treyarch on the "off years". The same process is applied. Infinity Ward = 9,14,6,9,14,9,20,25 22,1,18,4. Added together this makes 142. 1+4+2 = 7. Treyarch = 20,18,5,25,1,18,3,8. Added together this makes 97. 9+7 = 16. 1+6 = 7. So what does this mean, besides an incredible mishap of coincidence? Bungie secretly owns all of these companies; and like the cryptic people they are - left hidden sevens inside the names. All this so far, is just that Bungie has a lot of money from these games; big whup - not much to talk about. BUT. Look closer. Just look closer for the next games of their series. Gears of War 3, or rather the whole series - has a logo. The cog with the skull inside. What would have made this whole process easier was that the cog would contain seven teeth. Bungie, anticipating people to have gotten this far - encrypted their hidden message. The Gears of War cog contains 8 teeth. First of all - how is this icon related to Bungie in any way, shape or form? Although hard to pinpoint, it is safe to say the most likely connection is 7th Column. Why? They both form cogs. They both appear to have a different number of teeth - but in truth, the 7th column logo has 8. Finishing the "connections" of the cog, would form a protruding tooth into the centre of the cog - where the skull is of the Gears of War cog! That is not all - it is a symbol, a warning! The underground army of Bungie will rise up, and smite the naysayers - the blasphemers of Bungie's word! The cog represents the 7th column - the skull represents death. Another source of evidence backs it up, Call of Duty's next game - the 7th in the series, has the words "black ops" - indicating stealth, a plan of operations! Bungie has been planning this! The next in the Gears of War series portrays apocalypse, death, havoc! It is a WARNING! Yet what about Halo that I mentioned previously? How does this affect the apocalypse that will come forth!? Halo, considered one of the best amongst the Xbox, this indulgence is our doom. It brainwashes you, to become a part of the 7th column to be part of Bungie's loyal fans - their loyal army! The name itself is an oxymoron! A name deemed so holy, to be uncovered as most foul. The game, no matter how great and amzing it is - is evil! The newest game, dubbed "Halo: Reach", wants us to grasp THEIR truth, and its jetpacks try to corrupt us - brainwash us, to know that we must ascend to the followers of the 7th column! Their idea of a haven is power! They have knowingly mocked at us with their games, and their other personae - They know! Yet, perhaps it is not enough to convince you? I can see the questions, the doubts - the madness you see, I would call it mad myself! Had I not seen the evidence! So why has the apocalypse not come you may, or may not ask - perhaps trying to humor me? We can still beat them - that's why! Bungie has other personae! Square Enix, formerly known as Square Soft - BOTH add up to 7 in the same manner as previously shown! Their totals add up to SEVEN! Square Soft = 19,17,21,1,18,5,5 19,15,16,20 Added together, this equals 160. 1+6+0 = 7. Square Enix = 19,17,21,1,18,5,5 5,14,9,24 Added together, this equals 115. 1+1+5 = 7. Their games depict the apocalypse in one shape or form! And their most famous game to the majority - is Final Fantasy. VII. SEVEN. Unknowingly perhaps even to Bungie however, is that the hero wins - the apocalypse can be beaten. YET HOW!? Here is how. Bungie runs its power through games, and brainwashes followers through "fan clubs" or "community forums" and such and such. Each of the companies it has controlled, have their own followers. Imagine the fans! The number of soldiers ready to strike! Fortunately, there is proof - proof that Bungie has NOT swollen all! One company we know that is standing firm: Valve = 22,1,12,22,5 Added together, this equals..... 72. 7+2 = 9. Valve, has not been affected - and most likely NUMEROUS companies have not - I have spotted the early warning signs and have spread the word to you all! We must take action! We must fight back! WE MUST TRIUMPH! Yet how can we win? Surely there is no hope you may or may not ask, perhaps you are downtrodden on your feat coying "all hope is lost", maybe even "You're a madman!", or better yet, you have accepted and embraced, telling yourself - "I must take action!". Few of you will say this, yet you are the first. Note their World Domination Plan. It tells the truth. Bungie, being perhaps the most boldest, yet most overconfident group, has posted their own plan as a humorous joke. I take that as no joke - for they are on their final, last step. I have told you how they will take over the world. Now, I must tell you about their giant slingshot - which has been completed! Why has it not been noticed you wonder? Well it's well hidden, VERY well hidden - but with enough clue cracking, we may find it. Firstly, it must be fired into the sun, requiring a very high height, as well as a slight gradient, perhaps 7 degrees, to allow a further shot, it will most likely be fired when the sun is down, for the most accurate and most likely hit. Where could it be hidden you may ask? The slingshot, revolves around killing. Killing enemies. Enemies. Take a step back, revert to Halo. How many kills in a row does it take for a "place" to appear? 2? 4? 5? 6? 7? Correct on SEVEN. Kilimanjaro. The 7th medal of the row of kills. The fourth highest, of the SEVEN summits of the world. Evidence, is what I require to convince you most likely. How tall is Kilimanjaro? Off the top of your head, I'll be impressed. But that's besides the point. Kilimanjaro is 4600 metres, or in perspective - 15,100 feet. The more eagle-eyed of you may spot what's coming. Yet i'll go on anyway. 1+5+1+0+0 =... SEVEN. Bungie's Giant Slingshot, part of their world domination scheme - has been uncovered. Fortunately, due to its most likely monumental size, will be impossible to move - it is ripe for attack! But here's the problem. It is hard to determine where it is. It is most likely at the 7,777 "landmark" of the mountain - or perhaps - the tip of the slingshot is at 15,444 foot (being 7,777 x 2). The extra height was most likely needed, thus Bungie without wanting to infringe on the height of the mountain and desecrating their running streak of Sevens - could most likely have made it invisible - or it retracts from the top of the mountain to that height. It is hard as I said, to determine. I have shown you, and together - as a group - as a community - as a rebellion, what Bungie has intended, to do, and what it has done. Bungie has swallowed the games industry, further devouring other developers - most likely changing their name in the process to respect the Seven. They brainwash the fans of these games, and unknowing to the loyal fans, recruit them to their army. They will achieve world domination - and then their Giant Slingshot will be put into action. By saying this, I will most likely be the first to go. But so be it. If I die - then YOU, our saviours - knowers of the TRUTH, must fight back. You. Must. Fight. Know the truth, embrace it, you have been led astray by Sheepdogs, yet have now found the comfort - of the Shepherd. [Edited on 05.04.2010 4:37 PM PDT]
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