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4/21/2010 11:44:34 PM

Warthog should run out of Gasoline

I think the vehicles in Halo should all run out of gas eventually. In the game you can fly or drive around in them the whole match without any apparent effect on your fuel level. This makes absolutely no sense, in real life my car's fuel goes down. Sure, the Covanent vehicels and spartan armor run on fusion, but I'm pretty sure that the human vehicles still use fossil fuels. I suppose they could run on electricity, but we all know those cars are way too expensive, I cant see the UNSC using those. Sure, it doesnt seem like a vehicle should run out of gas in less than 20 minutes, but I mean, look at the price of gas! Its gone up 286% in the past 12 years! ([url=]Gas Inflation[/url]) By that rate, by the time we reach Halo's date, it will be over 120 dollars per gallon. If the UNSC cant afford electric cars, they sure cant afford that either. And imagine how much gas those military vehicles use. The UNSC must be conservative with their gas. I mean, they cant be more than like a gallon in each warthog. It must be like, Commander: "OK troops, we're going to camp here for the night so we can ambush the covanent with our vehicles." Private: "But sir, we are only about 100 feet away. They can see us! In fact, I can see them setting up turrets now!' Commander: "I know son, but thats as far as our Warthogs can drive. We could't afford enoguh gas from that Exxon a mile back." Private: "Wait, I know, we can dump all the gas in one Warthog, then maybe we will have a full tank." Commander: "Genius! A promotion for this man!" Obviously the people at Bungie are terrible game designers and have not thought about realism at all in their games. They really neeed to [url=]get on the ball[/url] and make this right, or no one will buy their new game, "Halo: Reach for the gas" or whatever its called. In fact, the only reason they are on Reach is probably to find gas. I think they could implement the use of gasoline in their video games very well. Invasion mode should be renamed Exxon vs Texaco and have gas stations on each side of the map and every player has to refuel every 30 seconds, and if you blow up the enemy gas station you win. In fact, they could make a new Firefight Mode, Middle East Defense, where the Covanent attacks Saudi Arabia to try and destroy our oil rigs so that none of our vehicles work. In fact, I think we can all learn lessons from Halo: -blam!- Carbon Emmissions, we can just move to other planets! In fact, I net the lesson of all Halo is this: The only reason the Covanent is attackign us is to stop us from -blam!- up their planets with moar Carbon Emmisions. Bungie, please fix your broken ass game and make things run out of gas. [b][u]NOTE FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE SERIOUS BUSINESS: THIS IS A JOKE![/u][/b] I would never actually consider this, and I think Bungie and their games are great! And yes, I am aware of all the technicalities like "Warthog doesnt use gas" or "Warthog used hydrogen cells." Also, I have now turned this into an intelligience test. Based on my view of the responses, there were 67 negative, 16 neutral, and 39 positive. The negatives were all due to lack of reading, therefore, based on these statistics, approximately 60% of the community is illiterate. [Edited on 04.24.2010 7:45 PM PDT]
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