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3/22/2010 5:09:04 PM

The area of the freeroam hub is 1170000 m^2

A few more quick measurements to find out the size of places in ODST. ==ODST HUB== Since the city is beatifully aligned with the coordinates, I only needed two measurements from corners: one from Uplift Station ([url=]Distict Loading Glitch[/url]) and one from Kikowani Station. Uplift Station: 116.1 ; -271.6 Kikowani Station: -116 ; 271 Heh, 0;0 is the central tower. So it's 232WU * 542WU = 707m * 1652m = 1167964m^2 = [b]1170000m^2[/b] Nice one, Bungie. This is also the largest area ever in a Halo game; I'm sure The Covenant won't beat it, and Halo probably won't either. ==Uplift reserve== One WU pancam measurement to know scale. I used a screenshot of the park map to calculate total size. As with the Silent Cartographer, not all is walkable. The walls were of course not included, only the park. -Keystone shore 2: 134WU =150px Octagon, 65px a side X2 150px - 64px * 50px halfpar X2 100px*150px beachzone 70px * 150px beaczhone -> 170*150 + 214 *50 + 2*4.83*65*65 px^2 =77000sqpx = 61460 sqwu = 6146000 sqft = [b]570000m^2[/b]. Again, large parts of this are out of bounds. ==Old ones for comparison== Halo: 490000 m^2 Silent Cartographer: 250000 m^2 (Total island, [url=]see[/url] for overhead view) Assault on the Control Room: 240000 m^2 Quarantine Zone: 235000 m^2 The Ark: 240000 m^2 + 230000 m^2 = 470000 m^2 Citadel Cirque: 360000 m^2

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