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9/12/2005 7:19:46 PM

Origen Xbox360 deciphered at last?

Ok, i've been roaming around google tyring to find some useful information about the strage [url=]teaser site[/url]. And along the way i found this on some gaming forums: [url=]Link[/url] In this post there are some apparent clues from sites main developers. He gives a mathematical code that supposedly leads one to the truth and reason of the site. [quote]Update 7: More clues posted by the MS guy. "We are living in a world of digital entertainment, in a world were all reality is going to be virtual and the only thing needed to create at that time would be our own imagination" -Tree RINGS reveals the years of the tree while he is also the CENTER of that virtual world. -[J].A.E* 11=fun for A,J and E* 9=fun for J not for A or E* *(important) NG"[/quote] When the equation is solved it comes out to this: [quote]Hang on a sec. If you use the thing the MS guy said, and use the numbers as month dates, ie: 9 = sept, and 11 = Nov. Then use A, J and E as the continents: A =America, J = Japan, E = Europe . 11=fun for A,J and E* 9=fun for J not for A or E This could be saying that 11 (or November) is when something to do with the 360 will be in all 3 places. and that in 9 (or sept), something is happening in Japan, not America or Europe. 9th month (sept), is when the countdown will end.[/quote] Does this mean that the 360 is going to debut in Japan first? It is not out of the question. And with the latin text saying "They will play in the chosen place" It seems all too likely that this is not a site for H3. But in fact is for the early release of the 360.

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