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2/4/2010 3:31:12 AM

Infected War Chieftain Glitch

I don't usually post here, but I was just messing around on The Covenant on Easy (I usually play on Legendary I was just having some fun here) and something unexpected happened. Before you start flaming this thread, why don't you read the following: So after I deactivated the third tower, I decided to keep some Flood alive so I didn't kill the carrier forms. Instead, I killed all of my marines and the Elites. I didn't get in the Scorpion tank since I didn't have time. A lot of infection forms were after me. So I ran to the location where you encounter the first prowler and I killed some Brutes and the War Chieftain. I don't know what happened next, since I wasn't paying attention to the War Chieftain, but when I saw the Chieftain, my first thought was that the War Chieftain was half-infected, but he was attacking the Brutes. He was still wielding the Fuel Rod, which should have been absorbed by the Flood and his body didn't change (he should have transformed into a Infected Brute Minor)except there were some Flood spores on his back. I approached him after I had helped him kill the Brutes and his melee was like when you take down a War Chieftain's shield, they do this melee with their weapon instead of their fist. If you didn't read through that, basically, the War Chieftain was completely infected, but his body didn't change, except for a few Flood spores growing on his back. He was still wielding his fuel rod gun and he could still hijack vehicles. He seemed faster though. Any ideas on how this happened? I will upload the video in a couple of hours. I need to record this first. [Edited on 03.12.2010 6:11 PM PST]

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