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9/12/2005 3:13:13 AM

Halo Fanfiction

This is what the covenant ships were talking of, speaking of when they were attacking reach. (for this log, just to inform you, he's what he is thinking is being writen down in the covenant language, but just for u guys ill translate it.) I currently have not finished the first novel. 'The Fall Of Reach' so this is what i want to happen in the final battle. So please dont flame. Day:67 Think Pad: Captain Honhor Current Position:65 000 KM away from planet reach. "We are currently moving in at 1000KM/hr. On my ship the Claric IV all plasma cores are at full capacity. Grunts are in carbon chamber suiting up. Jacklels are priming their canisters and readying shields. Now as i think, the humans realize we have a fleet moving in. The profits prech to us that these humans are in our way of finding the forunners, and their holy rings. I think they have nothing to do with the rings. But if my thikpad is found i will be charged in medleing in the forunners, plans as well as the basic upkeep of our religion, surely i will be sentenced to death." Just then the captain's door was busted in and in came a rather large Elite, with white armor. Surly he was their weapons master, Dethian "Sir, somethings wrong, the carbon chamber has cumbusted, 87% of our grunts are dead, the other 13% are not able to battle and are inside of the medic chamber! " exclaimed Dethian. " Also the core reactors are fun..." He was interrupted. "Blast!" shouted Honhor."They were our rags, we needed them to wash what they could first, then we would send in our Hunters." " As i was saying sir, the core reactors are slowing down, we can't produce enough power to make sure the Hunters guns work at maximum capacity." Dethian finished. "Allert the jackles to grab the Moxine III's, we need them to be in tip top shape." Honhor asserted. "Aye,aye." "Well, well, well, it appeares the humans are expecting us." Honhor thought. Suddenly there was an explosion, under Honhors office. Over the intercom, the ships Computer stated "Sections 1,6,9, and 3 are breached. Shield generators are disableing" "Well, they were expection us." Honhor continured to think. " Drakeis, immeatiatly order all personal to evacuate, also holocron the prophits. I need to speak with them. Finally holocron the Drithian, were boarding her, that is all." He was done speaking. After Honhor was done speaking to current Navigation officer he grabed his personal energy sword and exited his room. "I'll be damned if those SPARTAN's take my ship." Honhor left the room with his sword, and finished talking to himself. Suddenly a shadow moved on a shadow and he knew Spartan 117 was in the room. Then a jackle ran past him and said... ..."Run, run, their here." Honhor continued on and walked into the brig. The main holocron was showing the ships navigational path, then it suddenly switched to the life pods and, the screen showed. "Pods navigation locked, cannot over ride, nothing leaves nothing enters." Then a laveneder figure showed up in the holocron display. She had numbers scrolling across her figure and had a shoulder length hair cut. She spoke in the language of the humans, he flicked a switch on the holocron prjector and then she spoke in the covenant language. She stated " They know your coming, and your entire crew is dead, this ship now belongs to the UNSC. Have a nice day." she finished with " look behind you." Then her figure disapeared, the brig was a jet black. With only the light illuminating from his sword, he turned around and there was a tall figure, about a meter high with a covenant carbine in hand. One shot is all it took and with a large thud Honhor landed on the deck. " Cortona, power all systems. Release the pods, open their main chamber to the vaccume of space. I wanna see a couple of dead ailens." said John. "With pleasure." said cortana. "Sir after scanning the ship of threats, i found a hidden room, a room that didnt show in our primary schematics. Would you like me to access their cameras. IM pretty sure i can figure out the controls." "Lets see it!" John exclaimed. "The fusion reactors havent fully recharged, there no power in there. But there is also no forms of lifeon this ship. If you have any trouble just shout, i'll hear you over the intercom." cortana finished. "Ok im on it," John finished John ran down the main chamber and there was a white door illuminated by a fait glow of the distan sun. He pryed the door open and when he took a step in, all the lights came on. John looked at the floor and where he stepped. " Must be another piece of intel we have yet to discover." As he looked around the room he was astounded. There was every covenant weapon he had ever seen, and then some. He noticed the gun the hunters caried, hundreds of jackle shields, plasma pistold, and them some. "Cortana, contact reach, tell them to have a team of scientist ready. Ive got their christmas present." John said almost without breath. "Aye,aye" cortana finished. " Fire the pulse lazers at the rest of the fleet, it'll take down their shields. The MAC guns will do the rest." "Aye, Aye" Minutes passed while John examined each weapon. "Sir, you wouldnt believe how fast this ship can go, were withen 100 KM of reach's atmosphere." Cortana finished. "Well now im sure we can have the advantage over the covenant. Cortana find out if this ship has any rememberance of it previous paths. Can we find where their home world is? Also make sure all systems are intact, also make sure the pulse lazers are at 100%, finally cross reference all voice logs, and ship records." John finished. " Well, im done and were about to enter UNSC headquarters." cortana said " Prepare for landing, also make yourself presentable. The entire planet's gonna be watching." Cortana said over the interco. " I dont like crowds." John finished Ok please excuse the common spelling, grammatical error, its my first fan fiction. So how was it?
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