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9/9/2005 10:50:15 PM

Under the Bunker: Chapter 18

[i]Kritz had limped down the street, muttering profanities under his breath about gnome. His apartment was just across the corner on the dark, quiet street. He rubbed his cheek where gnome had struck him. It wasn't his fault that his team hadn't moved as fast as they should've. He crossed the street and saw another person walking towards him. Kritz kept an eye on the person as he walked across the street to avoid being run into. The person sat down at a bench and pulled out a newspaper. Kritz continued to walk to his apartment when he saw another person, this one standing by a street light. The person by the street light noticed Kritz and walked up to him. "Would you be interested in making a donation?" he asked. "What would my donation go to?" Kritz replied. "Oh, It's a very nice fund," The man said, "it takes in the homeless and gives them a bit of money to start a new life." "Sure they're not just spending it on booze?" Kritz answered back. The man seemed determined to get a donation from Kritz, but a few yards away a sniper sat on a bench by the corner. Wagovan, MrSprinkleswirth, and LordAlucard were all close fiends and enjoyed the fact that they were stranded with each other. Wagovan had been drafted into the EAST (Earth Aeronautics Skirmish Team) and had convinced MrSprinkleswirth to come along. LordAlucard (when he was just known as alucard) had been determined not to go along, until the adrodicus had destroyed his planet. "Yeah, yeah Al, we all know the story, burning houses, screaming kids, blah blah blah," Wagovan said, as he secured a rocket launcher to his backpack. "Hey, did your wife die seeing her son's face fall off? I don't think so Wagovan, so be nice." MrSprinkleswirth snorted. Pistolsnipe16 was quickly making a hovercraft to get as much supplies as possible into the caves. Without the ship, Pistolsnipe didn't have the luxury of unlimited supplies. Viperchief was buisy packing up the rations and ammunition when he noticed that there was a tiny flashing light in one of the bags. Viperchief picked up the little object, it was no bigger than a bottlecap. DDRmaster lazily floated in and said, "New orders from the Laze..." He gasped at what Viperchief was holding, "You fool! That's an adrodicus homing beacon!"[/i]
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