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9/3/2005 5:58:49 PM

Under the Bunker: Chapter 7

[i]My eyes flickered open, I looked around. I saw the inside of what looked like the ship that I escaped on, exept, the ship was split in two, the bridge on one half, and the rest of the ship on the other. I sat up and felt a stab of pain through my left arm. Assuming my arm was broken, I fashioned myself a sling out of my shirt. I stood up and felt dizzy, so I leaned against a wall. Then the thought came to me, I survived! I quickly remembered, Viperchief! I strained my mind of what happened, but that just made my head hurt worse. "Capitan!," I heard a familiar voice say, and DDRmaster floated in. "Ugh, what happened?" I managed to say. "Well, the ship held up better than I thought, we managed to make it through the atmosphere without burning up entirely. Although, it did weaken the ship a bit," he said, gesturing towards the other half of the ship. "I have been checking for survivors..." this immediately got my attention. "seven are consious, three are unconsious, four in critical condition, and six...KIA. The six dead were all pilots, poor chaps. four of the ship's medics survived though, all of which are consious and tending to their patients." "Lazer!" I heard different voice shout, "I knew it! You were too tough to die! You crazy bastard!" and Viperchief ran up to me and gave me a hug. The other two soldiers who I assumed were the remaining consious victims followed. I recognized the one that had one leg. "Your pisotol, sir!" he said, handing me my pistol, "I always feel better when I'm holding a pistol." "What's your name, son?" He looked me in the eyes and said, "MrSprinkleswirth"[/i] [Edited on 9/3/2005]

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