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9/1/2005 10:12:01 PM

Lazer's easy 10-step guide to being cool on the forums!

[b]Step 10: Have a good screen name[/b] Simply put, nobody likes a name with any drug or sex-related names. Original names are often the ones that get noticed. [b]Step 9: Say something nice about members[/b] Everybody likes getting a compliment! Trust me, users will remember who was a jerk and who isn't. [b]Step 8: If you can't say something nice, offer criticisms[/b] Offten, if you suggest help, that user will start making better threads, and remember you as a nice member. [b]Step 7: USE CAPSLOCK SPARINGLY[/b] Often, nobody takes an All-capital thread seriously. [b]Step 6: Keep your cool[/b] If someone responds to your thread filled with, "FU", calmly ask them what is wrong and apologise if you have unintentionally offended them. [b]Step 5: Join a group[/b] A good way to keep in touch with your buddies is through a group. Plus, (if you aren't ALREADY a ninja) you get to edit the group forums if you are one of the higher members. [b]Step 4: No bumping[/b] If you have a sinking thread, suck it up. The topic has grown old. And the torch is passed. [b]Step 3: No topics named, OMG! or WTF?[/b] That tells you absolutely nothing about the post, but it can be used with other words like, "OMG! this is the funniest link ever!" [b]Step 2: Avoid using foul language[/b] Nobody likes it when Budsmoka69 replies, "Yo, Who cares about halo home-dawgs? Everybody on these [censored]'ing forums can suck my [censored]." [b]Step 1: For god's sake, do NOT spam![/b] Spam has to be the worst thing you can do to become "cool", in fact, if you spam, you are not "cool", you are and attention whore and a jerk. Be cool everybody! Edit: [b]Step -1: don't use a bajillion exclamation marks in your topic![/b] That just pushes the forum screen farther apart, and makes it harder to read. [Edited on 9/1/2005]

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