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8/31/2005 2:31:05 AM

Under the Bunker: Chapter 3

[i]I searched through my pile of weapons for the grenades I'd picked up and found several extra on the bodies of my troops. I felt the weight of guilt and sadness form a rock in my stomach. I didn't normally cry in public, but at that moment, I lost it. I threw myself at the door leading to the bridge, in a mixed state of berserk and anger, Blindly throwing a grenade in the middle of the room...right at the feet of 5 captive soldiers. The seconds before the grenade exploded still haunt me today, two of the soldiers tried to roll out of the way, the other three stared wildly between the grenade and me. I distinctly remember falling into a trance of disbelief, I felt sick. During this, several adrodicii had noticed me and were just as surprised as everyone else in the room. When the grenade exploded, the only thing I heard was my consience screaming at me for my terrible act. The adrodicii commander, Sabaton, had given his soldiers orders not to fire unless he had given orders to fire or unless he was dead. "Sir?" a lower adrodicus asked over the com. "Prepare to fire." Sabaton replied bitterly over the com. Just then, Sabaton's head exploded. "I told you I blew crap up!" DDRmaster said over the com. His joke broke my trance, I pulled out my machine gun and tore into what looked like the main bulk of the adrodicus militia, (which were still waiting for the orders to fire) An aggrivated adrodicii tossed his gun and charged me, I backed up, carefully landing several ruonds into his "stomach". I ducked behind a large terminal, which I assumed held the passcodes. pulling out another grenade and carefully surveyed the area before I tossed it into a group of adrodicii. I saw DDRmaster slip in and start firing a lazer into the terminal next to me. I figured I should help the little guy, so I resolved to empty my ammunition in supressing fire. "Got it!" I heard him say, and he zipped off to plant the charge on the core. I resolved to help the soldiers if they were still alive, luckily, I found a soldier who had a missing leg, and was bleeding terribly, but alive. "Give me a pistol" he said, "I feel better with a pistol in my hands." Feeling sure that he would shoot at me, I reluctantly handed him one of my pistols. "I thought I was going to get killed by the adrodicus", he said. His attempt at a joke comforted me, knowing that he was mentally stable. I carried him to the evacuation shuttle and let the med team take over. Then I saw DDRmaster float back into the shuttle about a minute later. We took off and saw the flagship explode into spacedust. Oddly, I didn't feel the sense of pride one might feel after accomplishing such a feat. DDRmaster was going over the casualties, which wasn't neccecary, because there were only twenty people on board. I went to the barracks and slept for the next 10 hours.[/i] whew! I worked on this chapter expecially hard! hope you like it! [Edited on 9/3/2005]
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