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12/30/2009 12:57:45 AM

The End of The End. part 25 (parts 15-25 inside)

NOTE: These are ment to be read like an audio diary. I am sorry for my spelling. I am working on it. If you have comments or suggestions please state them. Enjoy! [url=]Season 2 starts here![/url] Clinical trial 15. DATE: 1/12/2010. Doctor Breen. After countless tests on Doctor Issacs it is confirmed that he is a carrier of the virus. My partner asked me if he has the ability to infect others? I just said it is highly probable. It seams that the airborne strain of this virus mutated with his DNA. So instead of it floating around in the air; who ever he breaths on or touches physicly will become infected.... How amazing that this monstor was reborne into such a more complex enemy. Clinical trial 16. DATE: 1/20/2010. Doctor Breen. Issacs is dead..... If I didnt know any better I whould say the virus had killed him. At 0600 hours today he bagain violently thrashing on the bed and also started bleeding from at least 2 visable places. Such as the ears and the mouth. After suffering an extream amount of blood loss Issacs died.... The strange thing is that before any of this he began screaming in pain about the loss of his wife and children. Whom were killed during the Houston, Texas infection. He claims that we killed them. He is holding us responsible for their deaths. After all; they were infected. The military did what they had to do!.... Its' funny how us men turn into monstors of our own in times of darkness... Hopefully it is something I wont have to experience. Clinical trial 17. DATE: 1/28/2010. Doctor Breen. War... War never changes... It has been a month since the end of the Houston infection. People are still afraid. Afraid of another outbreak. Afraid of death... "Afraid" what a strange word.. As of 1 hour ago a analist became infected. We didnt know how at first; but later we learned that the virus changed yet again... Because of the multi-cellular form it can change at its' own will to survive... I thought I knew the enemy. Turns out we knew nothing. We underestimated the capabilitys of this killer... This is not a matter of containment anymore. It is a matter of survival! Clinical trial 18. DATE: 2/5/2010. Doctor Breen. The entire continent of North America has fallen victom to the K.E. 556 virus. Everything has turned into total anarchey... Reminents of survivors are traveling from place to place, town to town... Their like nomads; their just living on whats left of this ruggud patch of earth. It is impossible to fathom how fast the virus brought the entire continent to its' knees!.. I have only heard rumors of what happend to the government and our military. One rumor says they evacuated to Europe. Another says they are underground in bomb shelters. Just trying to survive the virus... It is still out their. With every breath you take, every step you make. You cant help but notice how fragile your life is now. Clinical trial 19. DATE: 2/15/2010. Doctor Breen. Europe... Its' not their anymore. I have recently pick up a signal on a radio I have fixed just a couple hours ago. The reporter is saying the virus has made its' way into England and as people flead across the English Channel they carryed the virus into the other countrys. So far he says that Germany has the worst end of it... The last pandemic the people of Europe had was the Plague and that was in the Middle ages... The war to survive still rages on. It is only getting worse and worse. Soon the virus will pour over into Asia, and Africa. As a christian I grew up believeing that the world will end as it was discribed in Revelations. I believed that was the fate of the world...... It seems fate has a dark sence of humor.... Clinical trial 20. DATE: 3/3/2010. Doctor Breen. I walk on.... Not knowing where I am or where I am going... Day after day I see one or more of my companions die from the virus.. We started out with 10 people and in just a few days we are reduced to 4... I am now apart of an endangered species. The entire world is on the brink of extinction. Just the other day on the radio I heard the virus has completly wiped out the Middle East... An entire continent gone in the blink of an eye... Any other day I whould have brushed this aside and say it is impossible... I guess death has the last laugh on that one... One of the people in our group is a little boy named Matthew... We found him in a broken down car sleeping in the backseat.. He wont talk... I tryed asking him what happened to his parents but he said nothing.... I cant even imagine the horror that little boy has gone through. I am not sure I even want to know. Clinical trial 21. DATE 2/10/2010. Doctor Breen. He spoke!... After just a few more days the kid finally spoke! The four of us were listining to the radio hoping to find out more news. When news came in about the origin of the virus the kid screamed daddy!.... That lead me to bleieve that his parents his parents were in the Houston infection.... All this time I thought Issacs was the only survivor. Turns out the 3 year old boy was alive all along!.. I asked him who his parents were.... He said Moira, and Micheal Issacs... After he said that I began to scream in denyal... Issacs only son survived and now he is in my care!.. How chould a boy like this survive this long!?... If this boy is imunne to this virus.. Then by all he is the last best hope of humanity!!! Clinical trial 22. DATE: 2/20/2010. Doctor Issacs. Today I seperated from the group. I am taking the boy back to the lab... He may be the final hope this world has of surviving!... I havent told anybody about why I am leaving for fear of what whould happen to the boy. I still cant believe that he is Issacs son, and that he survived... If I can find a way to save us. It wont be for the whole world. Its' far to late for that. I can only save what is left in the areas around me.... The rest of the world will die; but the story of humanity will live on... This boy has reminded me that the light of the world has not sliped away just yet! Clinical trial 23. DATE: 2/23/2010. Doctor Breen. Were back!... Im glad that the lab has not been looted because I need everything in this place! The generators appear to be in working order and are full of gas.... I put little matthew to bed. Three days hike with meager food took its' toll on him... Here we have the power up with the generators, enough food to last for atleast 2 months... Makes me wonder why I even left in the first place. I guess destiny wanted me to find this boy... Issacs if you can hear me. I promise you I will take care of your boy! I will be as good of a father as you were! I promise you! Clinical trial 24. DATE: 2/28/2010. Doctor Breen. We did it!.... After long last we finaly have a way to save us!.. The boy has a natural immunity to the virus his white blood-cell count is substantialy high! Meaning that that their are as many white blood-cells as their are red blood-cells. This is the ultimate weapon to combat the virus...... I have also attempted to transfer the boys immunity over to myself. By simply forming his blood into a nutritional compound it allowed me to become immune just as he is... Now I need to replicate his blood and distribute it to the surounding survivors!.... Our fate has been re-writen. Clinical trial 25. DATE: 3/10/2010. Doctor Breen. Finaly its over!... I have succesfully replicated Matthews' blood into nutrition compounds and distrbuted it to surounding camps, and survivors who pass by.... The nightmare is over and now it is time to re-build. Over the course of 3 months the virus has claimed over 2 billion lives.... So far I have givin the compund to at least 300 people. With more and more coming every day I cant help but realize that the war to survive has been won... I know the virus is still out their; but it is something we are going to have to live with now just like a common cold.. The memory of this tragedy will plague our minds for a long time to come... This may not have been as some predicted the end of the world... Instead it is just another bloody chapter entered into the book of human life. [url][/url] ^^^ Above is link to parts 1-14. [Edited on 02.13.2010 12:40 PM PST]
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