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Surf a Flood of random discussion.
8/24/2005 3:58:45 PM

The Twinge Conspiracy: The Power of a Martyr

The Twinge Conspiracy Chapter One: The Power of a Martyr [I] No matter how sophisticated the forums maybe, the only reason they are made perfect is not by its engineering but by its members. One could have the worlds greatest designed forum system, yet still have it surrounded with horrible members thus rendering it useless. Bungie’s forums have turned themselves into a family...a very weird family. A death within this family creates a ripple that disturbs the community, no mater how small the member was or how hugely popular. [/I] 2005/August/27 Twinge was a very well known member, many loved his antics, and many had hated his very keyboard, And because his popularity the news of his unfortunate death spread like wildfire through the entire forums. Even before the mods had taken the body away from The Underground rumors had started, some had said suicide, others said murder. Neither of which was proven. No matter what rumors were made, everyone included Twinge’s nemesis, Aureate. Aureate was proven to have been fighting with Twinge on the night of his death, as proven by ChiChi. But argument of if Twinge was killed or not evolved into a argument of whether your with Twinge or with Aureate. As things in the forums quickly got out of hand the Mods put their foot in the door, and bashed it open. With no tolerance and strict punishments they showed that they do not wish the subject to be a major problem. This created a third group in the argument, soon followers joined the mods cause. This had just created more problems. Before the forums could fall into full out war, a committee was created to help with peace talks, the committee had not helped much. What they did realize is that the only way to stop this completely is the truth of Twinge’s death. So a team was made, two people from each group was assembled to seek out the 7ruth. 2005/August/28/10:55 AM Area/Twinge’s former group The Days following Twinge’s death was impacted the most in his group. It took 3 days before a new leader was appointed, Twinge’s second in command, Halifax. The Group was strained even before Halifax took power, They were all busy either attacking Aureate’s group with hit and run tactics, or on high defense from the mods. When news arrived about the creation of a Council, Halifax and his second in command, Wagovan, had a hard time picking for their end of the Council. “I need someone with power, attitude and would never back down, that’s why im picking you.” Halifax told His second in command. “Thanks, but who will be joining with me?” Wagovan questioned. “I cant spare a single person right now, they all are contributing to the war effort. I need someone who is lazy, easily manipulated, and serves little to no purpose by staying here.” The two stared at each other for a moment before they both said, “Gnome” 2005/August/29/10:55 Am Septagon A special thread had been created for the creation of the new Counsel, the thread consisted of only three chairs in a triangular formation. Halifax entered the room and took a look around, only two people were in the room. He took the last seat and studied the two others, Across from him was Aureate himself, Representing his group, and at the head of the Triangle sat SketchFactor, who was representing the Mod group. Halifax wondered why Achronos himself didn’t show up. “Lets get this over with” Sketch said, “We have chosen for the Counsel, Reginkio, and Nosferatu_Soldie.” He sat back down, as the Two mods walked in. Aureate was next, “Point and Laugh and Mr_Crapper.” he said coldly and sat back down, The two entered just like the mods. Halifax stood, announced his choices but he didn’t sit back down. Wagovan and Gnome walked in, as Halifax, Aureate, and Sketch left. The Six council members stood in the thread, eying each other. “So, what do we do now?” Gnome asked “Well, we go and try to find the Truth.” Reginkio answered. To Be Continued -Gnome- [This has been a presentation of The Gnome Book, click the link in my siggy] [Edited on 8/27/2005]
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