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8/12/2005 4:37:06 AM

7th Column: Part 5

Location: Roksyar Shipyard, Silicon Galaxy Date: July 31st, 3594 Subject Operation "Marathon" [b]=============[/b] "Argh!" Gods Prophet exclaimed, "Where are they? They should have been here 5 minutes ago!" "Patience, rookie" Madcow replied, "They'll be here soon." Just then, Banshee Barron, GreenChief, and wambobob ran down the corridor. Panting, Banshee Barron asked "How did it go? Did you plant the explosive?" "Yes" Madcow replied, "But not until Prophet here alerted half the station to our presence." "What was I supposed to do!?" Gods Prophet exclaimed, "Let him shoot me?" "We might have been better off that way" wambobob said with a grin. "Enough. Let's plant this thing and get the hell out of here." Barron suggested. As they ran down the corridor toward the construction pylon, they could see the space battle underway. Two dozen twinkling stars dipped, dove, and shot each other. It was beautiful and deadly at the same time. [i]I hope there's someone left to congratulate us after this.[/i] Banshee Barron thought. ---------------------------------- "There, that should do it. That leaves us 5 minutes to get to the hangar and get out of he-" GreenChief was cut off by an explosion that rocked the entire station. "Damnit!" wambobob screamed as he picked himelf up off the floor. "GreenChief, you did set the timer to [b]10 minutes[/b], right?" "Uh...oops?" GreenChief said, shrugging. "When we get back, your ass is grass, rook." wambobob threatened. "C'mon, the hangar is this way" Barron directed, "We can make it there in 2 minutes, provided we don't run into any patrols." But when they reached the hangar, they found the hangar door locked shut, sealing them in. "Oh great! As if things could get any worse! We're gonna die he-AHHHH! My -blam!- arm!" GreenChief screamed as a laser bolt hit him in the shoulder. "Damn!" Barron exclamied between blaster shots, "They were waiting for us. 30, easily enought to overtake us. Hmm...madcow, how thick is the hull's armor?" "6, maybe 7 meters." Madcow reported. "Good. On my mark, run to the fighters." Barron explained. "What good will that do us? We're still stuck inside." Gods Prophet said. "We'll head back down the corridor we came. When we reach the point where it intersects the bridge, we'll blast our way out. Alright, go!" Barron said. They ran towards their fighters, with Barron supporting the injured GreenChief. "Ever see that ancient Earth movie Star Wars?" Barron asked GreenChief as they ran. "Yeah, I think so." GreenChief said through gritted teeth. "Remember the Death Star trench scene? This is gonna be a little like it." They reached GreenChief's fighter, and Barron closed the hatch as he got settled. He then ran to his fighter, and did the same. "Alright Red Squadron, let's do this. Follow my lead." Barron took point and flew down the corridor, running over any trooper unfortunate enough to get in his way. They came to the intersection within 20 seconds. "Open fire!" The five Starkillers opened fire on the bulkhead. It melted, twisted, and finally gave in under the combined power of the five Starkiller's laser cannons. They screamed out into the void, dragging three Roksyar troopers with them. ----------------------- "Sir," Steel reported to MCs Brother, "I'm reading another big ship emerging from's the [i]7th Column[/i]" "Blue 1 to [i]7th Column[/i]" MCs Brother said as he hailed the ship, "Admiral Shishka, this is still an active combat zone, what are you doing here?" "You have under your control a Roksyar battleship, correct Commander?" Shishka asked, ignoring MCs first question. "Yes sir." "Then why have you not destroyed it?" "Sir, I thought we would take it back and stu-" "Destroy it now. That is an order." "Sir, we can't just kill that entire crew. They are prisoners of war. That's murder." "Was it not murder when tthe Roksyar destroyed [i]The New Mombasa[/i]? I believe you and Casey had family on that ship, correct?" These last words struck a nerve deep within MCs Brother. Casey's parents, MCs' Aunt and Uncle, were killed aboard that ship when the Roksyar opened fire on their unarmed colonization ship. Upon hearing Shishka's words, he triggered the ship's engine overload. The battleship, and its entire crew, were vaporized. "Good," Shishka replied. "Next time, you will follow my orders the first time." "Yes sir," MCs said darkly, "Good job all squadrons." The remaining 13 Starkillers flew towards the [i]7th Column[/i], the explosion of the shipyard as their background. ------------------------------------------------------------ [url=] Part 1 [/url] [url=] Part 2 [/url] [url=] Part 3 [/url] [url=] Part 4 [/url] [Edited on 8/11/2005]
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