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4/23/2004 1:45:47 AM

Block this. Prove my point. Respond if you want (courtesy of Swat)

Fascism. Pure and simple. You'd better not dare speak your mind or try to be part of the "community." You'd better just stick to the guidelines, be boring and redundant, and don't you dare try to entertain anyone, even if it IS Bungie related. The moderators need to spend a little more time deleting the offensive posts and less time blocking good threads that include those posts. I remember a simpler time....a time when the likes of Neo117, JasonH, and a slew of other "trolls" were left alone, free to post offensive, degrading, insulting posts all over the Underground. Not touched in anyway. Free to make the morale of all Undergrounders to weave and wane. But now, we have posters who make threads that get blocked for no real reason. Case in point: Video proof that multiplayer will have the Pelican and maybe smoke grenades by applejacks21 Click here to watch Bungie execs talking about HALO 2 info on hidden camera. This leads to a I say it....HILARIOUS little video that he created on a sodapop site. There is an offensive post next, but then there is this third reply from bboypjm: applejacks21, i made you a video, watch it. Applejacks21's video Now, at first, you'd think that he is going to insult the living heck, no, insult doesn't cut it, I was frowning thinkin' I was going to find a flame video on that site, well, I did, yet I didn't. The video cuts down applejacks21 AND bboypjm, for replying. I found both videos hilarious. Then there is a typical mindless post pointing out that it is fake, I got that look on my face like "how freakin' dumb is this guy to have to point that out!" (but we've all done that kind of thing.) Then there is another INSULTING OFFENSIVE POST. But, thanks to our heroic moderators, we can't thank applejacks for amusing us, we can't make our own litte videos in that one post (we could make a new thread), we essentially are not a community when it comes to being fans. There seems to be a lot of double standards on the new Hail the new Regime! [Edited on 4/22/2004 6:15:15 PM]

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