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8/3/2005 6:17:47 AM
MCs Brother
MCs Brother

Ancient. old

7th Column: Part 3

Location: [url=]Roksyar Shipyard, Roksyar System, Silicon Galaxy[/url] Date: July 31st, 3594 Subject: Operation [url=] "Marathon" [/url] [b]===============[/b] "All fighter groups, fire at will!" The battle was intense. Everywhere, [i]7th Column[/i] Starkillers were engaging Roksyar fighters and frigates. Energy bolts blew holes through armor and pilots were launched into the cold vacuum of space. Explosions rocked Halifax's Starkiller as the Roksyar fighter behind him opened fire on his ship. "Damnit, I can't shake him! Someone get him off me, my engine's going critical!" "I'm on my way, Blue 4. Hold tight." Casey pushed his throttle up as far as it would go, but he knew it wouldn't be fast enough. Roksyar fighters had claimed 3,572 Starkiller pilots in the war, and more would be added today. "C'mon, you sonuva-blam!-, let's dance" Casey opened fire on the Roksyar ship, ripping holes through its armor. The fighter began evasive manuovers, but Casey got a lead on him and blew the pilot into space. "Thanks Blue 2. I guess I owe you o-" Halifax was cut off by the explosion that destroyed his fighter. "Damnit! Green Squadron, what the hell are you doing!? Take care of those frigates, we just lost Blue 4!" "Sorry Blue 2, we're having trouble getting their sheilds down. If we release these missiles while their sheilds are up, they're useless." MCs Brother, Blue Leader, came over the comm. "Blue 3 & 5, break off and assist Green Squad in taking those frigates down. If we don't get rid of them soon, we'll have a hell of alot more dead pilots." Blue 3, SteelBulletProof, and Blue 5, madcoconut, acknowledged and headed toward Green Squad. ************************************ "Red Leader to all Red Squadron fighters, prepare to board the station. Blue 1, Blue 2, hold off those fighters while we dock." "Yes sir. Casey and I will keep 'em off your back." Banshee Barron, Red Leader, was still nervous about this plan. No one knew how many Roksyar troops were stationed in the shipyard. He sent the coordinates of the hangar bay to his squad. The plan was to land all of Red squad in the hangar while half of Blue Squad covered them. From there, they would fight their way to the bridge, engine room, and construction pylons and plant explosives. Then they would have to fight their way back to the hangar and take off, all within 5 minutes of planting the bombs. Should be easy. "Here we go, Red Squad. Incoming fighters, I read...5. Blue Squad can you handle that?" "Pfft. Too easy. We got ya" was Casey's cocky reply. "Ok then. Red Squad, begin boarding." Red Squadron's Starkillers arranged in a diamond formation. Red 1 on point, Red 2,3, and 4 in the middle and Red 5 bringing up the rear. Blue 1 and 2 flew 500 meters ahead, clearing a path. "Well, this should be interesting." ********************** "Damnit, let's finish this! Frigate shields at 25%." "It's now or never. We'll just have to hope that the shields are weak enough to be affected." "-blam!-, -blam!-! Guys, I'm reading 10, repeat, 10 incoming Roksyar bombers headed our way!" Kritz reported. [i]Damnit[/i]. Jay132 thought.[i] There's no way we'll survive long enough to launch theses missiles.[/i] "Un gato, would we still be able to take down all these frigates if we lost 2 missiles?" "Hmm...yeah, we should be able to. Why?" "Un gato, you have control of Green Squad." "What? What are you doing?" "Saving our asses." Jay132 pushed his Starkiller as fast as it would go toward the 10 incoming fighters. He armed the self destruct and set the countdown for 30 seconds. If he screwed this up he would waste two missiles and ensure Green Squad's destruction. "C'mon. Come get me. I'm waiting." ***************** Un gato watched from a distance as Jay's Starkiller headed straight toward the Roksyar fighter formation. He tried to hail him, but Jay had turned off his comm system. No one was going to reach him now. As soon as the fighters were close enough, Jay set off the self-destruct, which in turn set off the missiles his Starkiller was carrying. The explosion was huge. In the aftermath, all the fighters were destroyed...including Jay's. "C'mon people, don't let his sacrifice be wasted. Let's destroy these bastards." [Edited on 8/3/2005]
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