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10/3/2009 10:09:30 AM

Dr. Green Robot and the Thouseand Quests - Chapter 4!!!!

Hey everyone, I wrote the first three chapters to an epic story starring Bungie's own Green Robot character that you can see [url=]here[/url] for the first chapter and [url=]here[/url] for the second one and [url=]here[/url] for the third one. This is the long awaited fourth chapter. I hope you all like it, and I hope to write more chapters in the future! Again, here is [url=]Chapter 1[/url] and [url=]Chapter 2[/url] and [url=]Chapter 3[/url] for anyone who missed it when they came out! [u]Dr. Green Robot and the Thouseand Quests[/u] Chapter 4 It was a darkk and stoymy nite out in deep space. dr green robot was tryin to sleep in his private corters witch was the only room on the cool space ship without a slurpy mashin. Dr green is no wimp but even he waz havin trouble sleep o course you see! The sea monster and dr cobra were still out der somewhere? And remember that dr cobra is the coolest villin ever duh but he is still dreamy an evil so don't fergot that ether. Neways dr green and his lowal sidekick dr shark don't forget him he is in da story to ya now! They has a knew focus after there incounter with dr cobra there enemy to finish there space dr mithion to get all the beastie boyz albums that the space dr presentdent told them to get. Back to the story cuz that's impotent. Dr green was on his space bed and it was a stormy nite and there was litenen in the sky outside his windoe. The lights went out all a sudden but don't worry the space ship n the slurpy machin and the disco ball were all still werking so dr green and dr shark were still ok. But it was dark and creepy inside the cool space ship know. "ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" screamed dr shark!!!!!! "wats wrong dr shark?" asks dr green? Something mite have bin going wrong! "I was just scared a little cuz the lite went out or whateva" said dr shark. "but no one in space can here you scream right? They towt us that in the space dr school member?"? "we are not in space we are n a spac ship so im gonna tell everyone including the space dr presentdent heself!" said dr green who was guffawing at dr shark for bein a coward! Before that could happen the conputer told them that they had reaced the plantet that the next beastie boyz album was on. Our insepid heros still remember the horerers from the penguin plant they tried to get a beastie boyz album from. But this platet woud be different! They got of da ship on the planet and it was still stormy in space. raining an lighting waz everywhere. "aww man the spaceship confuter dropped us of a little far away. Looks like we are going to have to clime da ressed of this mountain!" saide dr green! So they did. Wen they got to tha top there was a dark n creepy cage. I wouldn't go in it butt im not a space dr like are heros so what do inow you now? As they got deeper an deepr into the cave they started seeing dead robot body parts everywhere on the flow and the wahl. Dr shark was scared a little but he didn't say nothing cuz he was still imbarrased about earlier remember? So they just walked to the end of the cave towards the litethat came from nowhere it seamed. Then they reached the end and they were in a room. In da mittle of the room was a pedlestool surrounded by dead robot skulls. Behind the pedalstool was a robot sized mirror. It was kinda weird if ya act me. And there on top a duh pedalskool was the beastie boyz album, Ill Communication! Yay! Dr green slowly walked twards the pedalstill. He started 2 reech for the album but the he noticed da mirror. In the mirror he sah himself but instead of being green his reflecshin was red. The red mirror robot looked at dr green with those squinty eyes. Dr green was to shoked to moov and he just stood there. The red robot reashed his hands out of the mirror and grabbed the phrame on both sides. He puthed on the fram until it started to bendn then all o sutten the mirror shattered n fel to tha flow! Dr shark was there to remember? Wat he saw he couldn't believe. There were now 2 dr greens standing afore him! On dr green was red and 1 was green. Which one was his real bff? "which one is the real dr green?!" said dr shark pulling out 3 lazerz gunz and pointed them at the 2dr greens! "Im the real dr green!" said dr green! "No im the real dr red!" said dr red. Now dr shark was cunfuzd. Which won waz the reel dr green? "Alrite then what color is dr green? Only the real dr green would now that" said dr shark. Hes smarter then I thowt! "dr green is green! You now that dr shark!" said dr green! "dr red is red ! You now that dr shark!" said dr red! Now dr shark was even mr confused? They were both rite an he didn't want to hurt there feelings picking the wrong dr green. How waz he gonna solve this cununundrum? One was dr green and the other was some evil doplgangmember. Just then dr green took the album from the pedalstall and started to run. "im the real dr green remember?" said dr green grabbing dr shark by the shoulder. "Oh yeah now I see it! I shudder nown!" said dr shark who started running away with dr green. Dr red ran after them threw da cave. The cave started fallin apart behind them to make the chase moor dramaticc. Dr red pulled out 3 lasors with one in his teef an was firing them as he chased them throw the cave. They finally got to tha interns of the cave and their spaceship was waiting afor them outside. They jumped in it and the door closed a secund before dr red could shoot them for realz. The cave collapsed on top of dr red and buried him and our heros flew off to space. "I hope that cave clasped and killed dr red like in seems it did and we never have to see him agan" dr shark said after they got to space. " 2" said dr green. TO BE CONTINUED THANKS FOR READING EVERYONE NEXT CHAPTER OUT SOON
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