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7/30/2005 6:54:18 AM

7th Column: Part 2

Location: [i]7th Column[/i], Microsoft System, Silicon galaxy Date: July 31st, 3594 Subject:[url=]Operation "Marathon"[/url] [b]============[/b] "The Roksyar shipyard is heavily guarded. 5 fighter squadrons, 10 frigates, and a [i]Mombasa[/i] class battleship." Banshee Barron, leader of Red Squadron, was uneasy about this mission. 15 Starkillers against 60 fighters, 10 frigates and a battleship? Not great odds. There had to be a reason why Adm. Shishka was willing to sacrifice half the fleet just to destroy one shipyard. "The main battle group is based at this point, here." Banshee pointed to one area of the holo-map of the shipyard. The shipyard itself was of standard structure. But it was the large battle group surrounding the station that made this such a difficult mission. "Blue squad will lead point and keep the fighters busy, while Green squad will take care of those frigates. Red Squad will dock with the station and manually set charges around the station." Banshee explained. "Sir, why manually?" asked Red 2, wambobob. "The station's hull is too strong for our laser cannons. Practically useless. So, we have to do this the hard way and fight our way through the station." "Well, at least I'll get to break in my new rifle" said GreenChief with a grin. "What about that battleship?" asked Texas Ben, Green 4. "Commander MCs, I believe your group was going to handle that?" "Yes sir. We have a rather...shocking solution to that problem. Rest assured, Blue Squad's got ya covered." ***************************************** "This is Blue 1 to Operation Marathon Attack Fleet. All fighters report in." "Blue 2, standing by" "Blue 3, ready." "Blue 4, all green." "Blue 5, let's get this started." "Red 1, preparing for combat" came Banshee Barron's voice over the mic. "Red 2, ready." "Red 3, standing by." "Red 4, ready. May this be a glorious battle" was madcow2021's reply. "Red 5, ready when you are." Green Squad's Starkillers, consisting of Jay132, un gato, Grunthaven, Texas Ben, and Kritz, had been modified to allow each fighter to carry 4 Scorpion missiles. Each missile had enough firepower to take out a small space station. 2 missile hits would crumple the frigates like tin cans. Banshee Barron's voice came over the com system, "All fighters, prime laser cannons and prepare for combat." "Here we go..." GruntHaven nervously remarked. "The station has begun to launch fighters. And I think those frigates are headed our way." "Green 1 to all fighters; engage the enemy and fire at will!" ********************* [Edited on 7/29/2005]
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