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7/24/2005 5:28:19 PM

"Battle For Bungie" part 1...(My story)

Trooper Last Man peered into the dark alleyway and tightened his grip upon his BR55 rifle. This place made him uneasy. He shivered, turned round and resumed his patrol. His footsteps echoed noisily through the city streets as he passed under the glowing neon sign "Zanzibar". He couldn't wait to get back to The Flood. He had heard rumours about this place, about the rebels who hid underground, only emerging to release their spam into the forums, about the evil overlords and their flame wars that raged throughout the city, the outsiders who attacked the forums and other more sinister things that walked the streets at night. He shivered again and with a surge of pride thought about the valiant City Guard, fighting the Overlords and the rebels, doing their best for Bungie and it's inhabitants. The young soldier paused as he passed the forum, the huge open square of ground wheremost inhabitants spent their time. The whole city revolved around the forums, so did the other cities, if the forum fell the city didn't stand a chance. This was as far as his patrol went, he glanced one last time at the forum and turned, heading back to the main gate where he would regroup with the rest of his company in about half an hour. He wandered cautiously through the streets, ponting his rifle into every shadow, always looking for potential threats. When he arrived at the place where he would regroup, the first rays of sunlight were shining over the city, probing the shadow he had feared the previous night. That was when he noticed it, the sentry hadn't called out to him, there were np patrolling soldiers, the outer perimeter of the base was deserted and undefended. Last Man was worried now, glancing over his shoulder, he moved to the other side of the street and pressed himself against the wall, gun trained on the base looking for movement, he stayed like that for a while, waiting, before he saw saw movement from within the base, he caught a glance of someone wearing camoflauged fatigues before they were gone. He began to advance towards the base ,making sweeping movemeants with his rifle scanning the rooftops for snipers and then scanning the base for movement. He finally arrived and stood looking round the edge of the wall, he saw nothing. If there were friendlies within then he didn't want them to think he was an enemy snooping around, so he went to the path that ran through the whole base and walked down it, his gun slung over his shoulder. He arrived in the parade ground and saw the flag flying, a white flag with the Bungie logo in the middle and "To serve and protect" written round the outside in Latin. If the flag was flying, it was okay, everyone else must have been out somewhere but that left the base undefended, anyone could stroll in like he had just done. "It's up to me now" he thought, he walked over to a mounted machine gun, fed some clips into the firing chamber and waited... Look out for part 2 "The Battle For Zanzibar" Thankyou...
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