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7/23/2005 10:36:53 AM

The Begining of Change at Planing

Days later and it was still the same thing first it was Yoozel, then Nonsferatu followed by many members including: Lela, Twitch, and Golden Templar The newest person to enter ban land was none other than Gaara. The remaining mods gathered in Nos’s and Yoozel’s group the 133tist since they were already in it and Maka went and joined to have this conference. All groups were fixed so you needed conformation to the group so that Nicktacular didn’t get in. They were happy to take any advice the members of the group could give. Shishka not being used to being around so many people was hiding so that the members didn’t notice he was there. SgtSTFU was there, Gaara and Templar (after being hit was eager to have his revenge) was there, Viper was there, Halo Freak, Kritz, and Mcsbrother of course, Rip Saw was notified actually showed up and two new members of the group were there Bacon Grease, Point and Laugh, and MinkOwar. They were all arguing over what they should do. “Well I thing we should all rush him run him down it would be so forceful he wouldn’t be able to respond” SgtSTFU suggested. “Oh yea excellent plan” said Gaara “so when we are rushing him he can just swing and mow us down like that, yea I’ll be sure to get right on that.” “It was just a suggestion,” explained Sgt “Yea well, nice suggestion” replied Gaara “Sgt if we are to take on this -blam!- we have to coordinate a strategy.” Then out of the blue Shishka made himself seen, he got up opened the door to the thread, walked out, and left the group without saying a word. Everyone just looked and watched in complete confusion then Halo Freak broke the silence. “Uhh Twister anybody” he said with a smile. ------- About 20 minutes later Shishka was back and everyone was in the room playing monopoly, they kind of rejected Halo Freaks idea very harshly. Everyone looked up to Shishka and someone from the table asked “well?” “Well, I thought I could take him since I am more stealthy then Maka, Yoozel or Nos, I was wrong” answered Shishka.” “WELL, that’s just great Shishka you just blew our plan” yelled out Stosh “And what plan was that” asked Shishka “Well” explained Stosh since he’s only been able to take one of us I suggest that the rest of the mods try to take him at the same time, looks like its only me, Reg, Recon, Frankie, and Sketch it should be a piece of cake, of and members you are all to stay here, understand? Everyone said the same thing, yes. As soon as they exited the group Viper turned around and asked “Okay so who wants to watch the mods go and kick Nick’s ass?” Every one of them said yes
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