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7/23/2005 10:23:41 AM

Behind Zanzibarian Lines....With Peanut Butter. Pt. Dos.

Behind Zanzibarian Lines....With Peanut Butter. Pt. Dos. Due to popular demand (Three people), I shall be continuing my crappy saga. Heres a link to the [url=] First chapter [/url] So the saga continues.... "You're an idiot!" Continued Crapdancemagee, "What abot the bloody glove, with his prints on it?!" "Bloody glove? You moron! That was O.J.!" Replied Sparty with a snicker. "Oh.... What did Michael Jackson do then?" "He molested a bunch of children!" "Oh. Yea, that sounds like something he'd do. Weirdo." "Guys," I replied from a dark corner. "Yea?" They said in unison. "Shut up." I emerged carrying a bundle of firewood. We had set up camp, just a few yards into the wilderness. Even at night, the flamewars could be heard for miles. Zanzibar was pulsing with shouting and smolder. "God, do these morons never sleep?" Proclaimed Sparty, as he wiped down his trusty sniper rifle. After landing and setting up camp, the mood seemed to be somewhat enlightened. Even Sparty was a chatterbox, his fears seemed to have been aslmost forgotten. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to do some serious blastin tomorrow!" "Down boy!" Crapdance said as he slapped Sparty ont he back of his head. "Ladies, calm down! We should sleep. We're gonna need all of our energy in the morning." A few minutes later, and Sparty's snores overpowered the Zanzibar flames; He was dead tot he world. Crapdance seemed a little restless though, constantly tossing and turning. I was about to doze off when I heard a loud snap, frighteningly close by. I quickly unsheathed my blade and rolled into the nearest brush as silently as I could. As I laid there and watched, a dark figure aproached the camp. He leaned over Sparty, uncomfortably close; To close for my comfort. I lept from the brush and lunged at the fugure with all the ferocity of a panther. With my knife held to his throatand him pleading for me to stop, I began to interrogate. "Who are you?!" I growled. "I'm Point and Laugh, an ally!" He whimpered, clearly terrified to death. "What the hell do you think you're doing here?!" I slightly released pressure on the knife. He seemed no real threat. "I come with information! Information that may help your mission!" "Really..." I sheathed my weapon. "Yes," Point and Laugh continued. "Your HQ contacted me and instructed me to help you out as much as possible." By now, everyone was awake. "What the hell is going on here?" inquired Sparty, clearly pissed for being woken up. "Well, Point and Laugh here was just about to tell us how he can help with our mission. Isn't that right Pointy?" I sneered. "Well...I personally can't help you. But I do know of a great warrior that resides not too far from here." "Really? And what makes you think we need the help of a 'great warrior'?" "Numbers. The Number of Zanzibarians is constantly increasing. Not only this, but they care nothing for their homeland, as you can see from the scars of the flames. They waste all resources, scar the land, completely destroy the wildlife.... And now.. the very island of Zanzibar is hanging for it's ife on a single thread. Once that thread breaks, The Zanzibarians will stop at nothing to find a new home. The closest piece of fresh land? The Flood. If you fail to stop the Zanzibarians once and for all, The Flood is doomed. This is why we must not take any chances. Seek the help of the one called.... Madcoconut. He lives a few miles east from here, in a small mudhut. Completly hidden from those fiends, tthe Zanzibarians." Point and Laugh's sudden grim attitude made me consider seeking this, Madcocnut. "But if he's in hiding, how can we find him?" I inquired. "Don't worry about that. Just travel east first thing in the morning. He'll find you..." With that, Point and Laugh stood up, and dissapeared into The dark wilderness. "Well that was weird" proclaimed Crapdance. "Are we really gonna go searching for Madcoconut? What if it's a trap, and Pointy is just a mole for the Zanzibarians?" Somehow, I knew that wasn't true. "Yes," I replied. " We head east in the morning. As for now, get some sleep. I ain't draggin' your asses tomorrow." Yea right. I don't think anyone was going to sleep now, after that little incident.... FIN chapter dos. Continuation?!?!!?!? I believe so! --This writing thing is almost fun now.-
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