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7/22/2005 11:10:14 AM

The Begining of Change at Battle for Change

After the banning of Texas Ben everyone was iffy about weather to trust this new mod or not, some however still liked this new mod but most of his fans were in New Mombasa. The news had quickly spreaded to Viperchief’s ears. “Hey! Mcsbrother!! You were there and all I’ve been hearing is gossip mind telling me why Ben got banned?” Viper said while running up to Mcsbrother. “What happened?” “That bastard went and banned Texas Ben for talking back to him!” yelled out Mcsbrother “but what were they talking about?” “They were talking about if he was a good mod or not and Texas of course said no!” again yelled out Mcsbrother “huh we are gonna have to go to the mods about this” Viper explained but Mcsbrother interrupted “I already tried they don’t care what happens?!” just as he said that there was a long bang and both Viper and Mcsbrother looked over “come on lets go!” they both ran towards the bang to find a note on the floor and ol’ Banshee Barron on the floor “Mc go see if Banshee is alright!” he ran over and Viper picked up the note. It read, “The time is now, all of will fall by my hands and you all will suffer or join me, change is now and there is nothing anyone can do about this” Viper read this to Mc and ended with “and it isn’t signed” “Well that’s just great looks like we’ve got a very, very bad spammer on our hands.” “Or someone else…” replied Viper “… but who” apparently “but who” are the words that help figure out the problem cause as soon as he said that a voice was yelled out loud enough to fill all 12 forum cities and group buildings in between. Only one word was yelled, “Nick” we both ran over there to find Maka with banhammer in hand and Nick with his staring each other down “you will pay for what you did, damn I shoulda just got everyone to wait for Nightstalker to show up” “heh heh heh too bad cause you see he’s dead I killed him as soon as he got in” “ no… NO YOU DIDN’T” Maka said while charging forward Viper looked and on the ground was Point and Laugh the crap beat out of him “Mc as much as I want to laugh at the fact that Point and Laugh just got the crap beat out of him get him out of here!” “Yea I will, I don’t need to watch this fight I already know who’s gonna win” He went off and the epic battle was underway Maka went and swung for the head, Nick dropped and pushed the head of his hammer towards Maka’s feet. Knocking him to the floor then Nick used his hammer to pull Maka’s out of his hands, he was disarmed, or so he though. Right before he brought the head of the hammer into contact with Maka’s head Maka pulled out his ban sword and cut the head of the hammer off. “Oh heh heh looks like you got some tricks up your sleeve as well, well so do I” Nick said as he took out his very own ban sword, the battle was fast uppercut to the chin followed by a swing there, it was just like a light saber battle, fast, intense. Then finally it ended, Nick went in for a kick he made contact making him flinch then Nick took the other butt end which was the banning end and shoved it into his stomach, Maka evaporated in a mist permbanned… all the watchers looked on in shock. Maka was beaten. Nick sheathed his sword and looked into the crowed “any other takers?” and the crowed was off as quickly as it formed it was deserted “so this is it” Viper said “the beginning of change at” [b][I]To Be Continued[/I][/b]
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