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Surf a Flood of random discussion.
7/20/2005 3:04:29 PM

The Beginning of Change at Mod Hunting

It was another bueatiful day in the flood as the flood was going throgh its "story era" Viperchief was walking threw random threads looking for something intresting there was one thread started by a new guy, it was titled "Hot cars" "jese thats like the 7th thread I've seen titled that" Viper said to himself before entering the thread titled "fruits...yum"...Vipercheif is another regular poster that is known by a bit of other posters, he is only half a year old in bungie years and still visiting, he has had his ups and downs and has many friends on bungie... Viper entered the thread to find Douglas Brown near the entrence looking at the other members talk amongs thiersleves about fruit. "so uhh is this thread any good Douglas?" "eh at first it was kinda borring but its grown to be quite intresting due to the fact that two n00bs are argueing over which fruit is better apples or pineapples" Douglas answered "Im telling you pineapple is way better than an apple" the first guy said "heh I see what you mean as long as they dont start to flame each otehr I'll be fine" viper said to Douglas "NO WAY?! why do you think pineapple has the word apple in it cause they were hoping that it would be as good" the second guy said while Viper and Douglas looked on at the fruit arguing weridos the mods were having a meeting... "okay I think its time to bring in a new mod" Reginko said "but why we are good as it is weve been able to keep spamming down to a minium and flaming as well" Yoozel pestered "Thats the thing" Reginko said "its not down to a minium its just down to a level.. one that I would like to see go down, especially in New Mombasa" "Wouldnt we all" interupted Shiska while sitting in the shadows "well I guess your right" Nosferatu said "but who? who is kind enough to be able to take on this kind of responcability, Mink? I dont think so. Flamechu? hes left, and certantally not ObbiQuiet" Maka Interupted him "I have been seeing a certant nightstalker to become a mod in some peoples threads... mainly the people from the group of Flood Control, makers of the thread 'The Flood are Spreading' what about him" the whole room thought it was a good idea and decided to go to him and ask. But someone else had another idea. Speaking of Nightstalker he had just walked into and thought [I]what to do first[/I] "ha there we go Flood control lets make sure no new idiots are saying crap and then put my say in flood are spreading." he headed toward the entrence of teh group put right before he got to the door an arm came from the shadows and connected with his head, knocking him out cold. he was then pulled aside and hidden in a crate and locked up. -------- After several days the mods decided that night was on a vacation and decided to choose someone else "how bout Halifax hes popular with the members?" asked Stosh "he is but he lacks the responcibilaties of a mod" interupted Frankie "Im thinking MCsBrother hes more mature" "not to be mean Frankie but I dont think MCsBrother is teh right choice" said Shishka said everyone was baffled that Shiska actually said something then Yoozel broke the scilence "well? who do you have in mind?" "Im thinking we ask around, people not on bungie" They finally agreed and went off to areas looking for good and nice members, redvsblue, starwars, and other smaller halo sites. Finally Stosh was glad to report that she had found someone. She broght him to bungie and he got his name, Nicktacular, all the mods liked him right away and he was hired on. he became known by everyone right away and was turning out to be a favorite, then something happened something that happens to every mod. it will get lots of his fans to turn on him and not like him. Texas Ben was permabanned for arguing back at Nick. everyone was shocked and in the back of the room someone shoted out "WHY!!" of course right away everyone realized it was MCsBrother's voice and from that point MCs Brother hated Nick. but this was only the beginning and more was defintally to come... [I][b]to be continued[/b][/I]
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