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7/20/2005 1:20:25 AM

The Gnome Chronicles: Arrival

[i] i've wanted to write a story for a long time and now looks like its the best time, so here it is...[/i] [b] The Gnome Chronicles [/b] [I] Chapter One: Arrival [/i] --------------------------------A long long Code ago,----------------------- --------------------------------In a Server far far away . . . There is place buried within the spam, -blam!-, and crazy rants, it is a secret place of tranquility for a certain group of gamers. This place was called more specifically “The Flood.” It was a day like all other, Twitch was running around crazily, and Reginkio was chasing him down, Jellybug was unleashing the mafia upon a group of innocent town people, a great Laser war creating chaos and onslaughts, nothing was constant. A secret person, dark and tall walked right into the middle of all this, and looked around. Laughing under his breath as he whispered to him self, “This place will be easy to conquer.” The dark thought scrambling through this man’s head slowly made him crazy. As he relived his life through his thoughts there was only one place his insanity could have spawned, and he was standing in that place. As he explored the flood, the memories of his times here slowly came back to him, his anger grew. He couldn’t wait he was about to strike down his first victim when everything went dark, everyone in the flood stopped, lighting struck. The dark man turned in the direction of the lighting, and there stood Achronos. He stood with his ban hammer in one hand and a scroll of rules in the other. He started walking around asking people if they have seen a man sized, hairy, drunken moneky anywhere about. He walked up to the dark man, and he looked him over; “You’re new, what is your name little one.” The ‘little one’ comment really stung the man, but he knew he was powerless against the overlord, for now yet at least. “Gnome.” He shot Achronos a dark look and walked a way. Achronos stood there in shock, he had heard that name before, many times, and never any good came from it. Achronos ran back to his palace to check to see if it was the same as before. With Achronos’ departure Gnome studied the area once more. There was only one mod per 10,000 people. If he could turn the masses against the mods and bungie, it would ensure his victory. He put his hands in his pocket, and took out some sort of communication device, it was a personal messaging system. He quickly wrote down a message [I] The time is upon us, call up the troops[/I] He closed it and sent it into the internet void. Gnome stood up in the crowd of people and opened his mouth: “My forum friends, I come with bad news, I have uncovered a secret plot that bungie has created against us!” as he finished SpamBotDotNet yelled out from the crowd; “I knew it!!! I told you guys!” “Silence!” Gnome continued “We have to act now to ensure our freedom, we have to uprise against the evil doers.” “Why should we trust you?! What do you have to back this up?!” Yelled Wagovan ‘This will be tougher that I thought’ Gnome said to himself. He looked around and it came to him, there was no way he would convince all these people to join him, there was only one option left. “I...I am a mighty Hacker, my name is Gnome. With a single Glance I could make it so you can never live again. Join my cause against bungie, or die like a coward.” A loud deep voiced boomed from out of nowhere ‘Unleash the ninjas!’The instant he had said this a rope dropped down in front of Gnome, and soon after Yoozel slid down, he jumped into the air for a high kick, karate style. Gnome side stepped it and watched Yoozel fly past him. Gnome jumped high into the air then came down on Yoozel knocking him to the ground, he then stepped on Yoozels chest, grabbed his throat and pulled him up. “Your pitiful ‘seventh column army’ is about to end, join me or die!” Gnome ordered. Yoozel stared for a moment, not fighting back, then finally he opened his mouth for a response... To be continued . . . -Gnome- [Edited on 7/19/2005]

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