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Surf a Flood of random discussion.
7/14/2005 9:35:04 PM

Attack of the New Mombasians Part IV (4)

Okay, I was feeling gernerous to make it now. Last time we left are friends Sonic John was hunting down Steel and Night. Steel looked out the window and saw Sonic John heading for the door of the house. She shivered, soon Sonic John would find Night and Steel. Then he might kill them with his hedghog, Sonic or maybe the dreadful ritual. Steel: Night, one of them found us. Night: Just stay calm, Twitch is on the roof. Twitch smoked on his twig, not a care in the world, but then coughed. Sonic John looked up and stepped back outside to look ontop of the roof to see... Twitch. Twitch layed on the roof still smoking on his twig not even noticing Sonic John's evil glare. Sonic John jumped up in front of Twitch who jolts up from the sight of a new Mombasian. Sonic John smiled an eivl smile that looked nothing like Diaboy's smile. Twitch slowly turns around but sees a road at the other side of the roof, he kept his back facing Sonic John so he wouldn't see the dance. Twitch:[i]Not the tutu. NOT the tutu.[/i] If you want to kill me. Kill me now. Sonic John didn't start the chant. Instead he just stepped foreward and pushed Twitch off the roof. Twitch falls into a road and magically gets hit by two desil trucks then a random storm comes and washes his body down a storm drain then the rats pick at his flesh and once he is dead his soul will rot in the flames of hell for all eternity...... Of course he doesn't!!! He didn't burn in hell or anything else. Sure there are two desil trucks leave tire marks pressed into him but he doesn't go down a storm drain and his flesh picked by rats. Thought that would be a good death. But not now... Yet! Steel looks out the window in horror at Twitch's lifeless, tire marked, body. Steel: Night! Twitch is dead! Night: Really? Let me see! Night walks over to the window and sees Twitch dead on the road. Night: Lets go see him. Steel looked at Night but they went outside and looked at Twitch's body, that was twitching. Steel: Its to ugly I can't watch! Steel turned away. Night bent down next to Twitch's body, sniffed and got back up. Night: Hes not dead. Not even close. Steel turned around and looked at Night. Steel: What do you mean? Night: Watch. Night took out a lighter a bag of weed and a peice of paper to roll it up in. he rolled the weed up in the peice of paper and lighted it with the lighter. After 3 trys the paper caught fire. Night bent down next to Twitch and waved the peice of paper around his face. Twitch: [b]WEED!!!!!![/b] Twitch shouted grabbing hold of the peice of paper and sucking it down in one big breath. Night wiped his hands. Night: See? Not even closed to being dead. Twitch got back up with teh lit peice of paper in his mouth. Twitch: Where is that motherf**er!? Night poked Twitch and pointed up to the roof. Twitch pulled up his pants, and walked over to the roof and looked up at the Mombasian. Twitch: Come down here you tutu dancer!! Sonic John jumped down with his pet hedghog on a leash beside him. Twitch glared Sonic John in the eye. Twitch wipped out his steak and slaps Sonic John silly with it until hes near dead and covered in steak greese. Then he unleashes the steak hungry rapid poodles on him. Then as the poodles unleash their fury on his flesh and screams came from the dieing Sonic John. Twitch swiffed in another breath of weed then he threw some weed down on the being eaten Sonic John. Took another wiff. And picked up a twig from the ground. Took out his lighter, caught fire to the stick, waited intill it was ablaze and trew it at the rapid poodles and the most likely eaten Sonic John. He caught flame. The screams slowly died away as the poodles and Sonic John caught fire. In moments the only thing left was Sonic John's leash that he put on his pet hedghog, and ashes at the spot where they were burnt. Twitch easily picked up the leash and crumbled it in his palm. Twitch: Serves that b**turd right for knocking my twig out of my mouth. Meanwhile. DeathDealer lifted his head and sniffed around, following the smell of............... Reiginko. [b][i]TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!![/b][/i] [b]Stay tuned to see if Reiginko dies or kills DeathDealer!![/b] [b]Yes, Sadly you'll have to wait, again. HA![/b]
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