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7/13/2005 10:51:56 PM

Jumpin' on the bandwagon!!

Through the darkness they moved. Swiftly. Silently. With purpose. Slipping undetected through the halls of the New Mombasa buliding, they arrived at their target. They were Spammers. They had been training endlessly for this moment, striking at other, smaller forum sites, and successfully bring each to its knees. Now, it was time for their ultimate test: bringing down ------------------------- Recon Number 54 was just finishing up his rounds on his night shift. Stifling a yawn, he pointed his flashlight down yet another one of the seemingly endless hall and began the last of his route. Out of the corner of his eye, something caught his attention. Movement. A door. [i]Odd...the forums are usually a graveyard at this hour[/i]. His experience told him something wasn't right. Carefully, yet with trained precision, he clicked off his flashlight and unsheathed his Banhammer, ready to stalk the unknown trespassers. He slowly crept to the door that he had seen open and shut just ever so slightly...ever so suspiciously. He arrived at his mark. Banhammer in one hand and flashlight in the other, he backed up slightly, and put all of his momentum into his foot as it made solid contact with the Thread Door. It might as well have been made of cardboard. At the same instant, he switched on his flashlight, hoping to blind anyone inside. There was someone. In fact, [i]three[/i] of someone. Masked, and dressed in black. And they were up to no good. One of them had attatched a small blinking device to the far wall. The other two were covering him. Recon decided to waste no time with talk. Better to ban first and as questions later. The thread room was small, only about a 9' by 9'. It hadn't been developed very far yet. That was perfect, as far as Recon was concerned. No room for them to maneuver. He gave a mighty swing with his hammer and connected solidly with the closest indruder. In an instant, he was nothing more than a bloody pulp on the ground. The second one put up more of a fight. Recon had to take several swings to put the intruder down for the count. [i]All too easy[/i], he thought to himself. The third one was still working on... [i]Oh, no.[/i] [i]The bomb.[/i] He was finished. He turned around and defiantly began to snicker at Recon. The last thing he ever saw was the pockmarked, bloody surface of Recon's Banhammer. Recon glanced at the bomb. It was beeping. Faster... Faster... Faster... ---------------------------- The silence of the night was shattered by an enormous, thundering explosion eminating from the 15th floor of the New Mombasa facility. The brain-jarring concussion tore a swath through the entire complex, destroying windows and shaking the foundations to their very core. That night, the eyes of the innocent, unassuming members were opened. There was a threat. It was real. It had to be eliminated.
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