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7/13/2005 3:55:55 PM

The Attack of New Mombasians Part II

Last we left off Nightstalker was hitting on Steel and saw something in the sky. Night: What's that in the sky? Everyone looks. Smalls trips. Buffalo: It looks like... Pink! Pink flew down with a pink parachute waving to them... Then a tree magicaly appeared in front of him. And he smacked into the tree and slid down with the parachute still stuck in the tree. Halifax: Do you think hes alright, Twitch? Twitch tries to use his lighter to light the twig with weed at the end. He looks over at Pink still stuck on the tree with his face smashed into it. Twitch: He looks fine. Reginko ran over to Pink's side and pulled on his pants intill he landed on the ground. Reginko: What happened? Pink: There coming. I appear magicaly. Locks: Whos coming? Pink opened his eyes in shock. Pink: The New Mombasians! A gasp comes from everyone except for Twitch who took out his twig and coughed. Twitch: Say what? I died once. I sure as hell ain't gonna die again. Viper comes running up the prairie. Viper: I saw them! Their coming! Hide everyone, or they'll kill us all with their faithful retual called [i]SPAM!!!![/i] Everyone spreads out and hid. Except for Shishka who climbs up in the tree and hid behind the pink parachute. Steel and Night hid in a building. Me and Viper hide behind a rock. Twitch hid ontop of a house, still smoking on his twig. Halifax hid behind a grill. MC's bro hid in the river. Buffalo hid behind a tree. Reginko hided in another tree. And Smalls hid in a shed nearby. And there from the horizon marches The New Mombasians. DeathDealer, Sonic John, Diaboy, Kirby the Tyrant, Gerbles with his salami, Soopa with a bowl of soup, Mini Egg with an egg, and in the front was zombie looking, Nosferatu. [i][b]TO BE CONTINUED[/i][/b] [b]Yes, you need to wait again.[/b] [Edited on 7/14/2005]
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