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7/11/2005 9:40:33 PM

The Conclusion to the Maka Consipracy

The Maka Consipracy Part 4 [i] The name's Douglas Brown. I'm just a user trying to tell the truth. The truth about a name. A reputation that must be upheld. But all of that is irrelevant now. All you need to know is as follows. This is the story of MakaVeli4Llfe1 and why he was hit with The Hammer. Don’t look away. It just might hurt you. [/i] [b] Chapter 8- Reconnaissance [/b] “Are you trying to do somethin’ to Maka?” It was Reiginko “No” replied Stosh. “Yah sure?” asked Reg, pressing further “I thought I heard Recon and Shishka were helping” They were standing in a hallway. Nothing really special about it. Little did Reg know that Stosh’s “War Room” was just downstairs. “Well, you can’t believe everything you hear, I’m afraid” Stosh replied, coolly. “Well, alright” said Reg, suspiciously. “If it turns out you’re lying, you’ll feel the business end of my banning boot up your RAM cache.” “What?” asked Stosh “You make me sick” said Reg, spitting as he walked away. Reg wouldn’t be back, Stosh knew. Someone had to good care of the forums in these times. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- “Man, there they go again.” said Yoozel, trying a less direct approach. “The members keep fawning over Maka like he’s some sort of “golden god made of pure magic and ground-up ninjas”. Yoozel had a bit more time to invest in helping Maka. “It makes me sick” he said “You’re just in time we were about to use The Soul and-“ Recon blurted before Stosh cut him off “So, what are you going to do about it?” asked Stosh Yoozel had gotten Stosh and Recon in the war room and was hoping to get some answers from the room, if not Stosh and Recon. Unfortunately, Stosh kept everthing hidden. Now Yoozel had to talk to them, and contend with the dankness of the room. “Well, I heard you, Recon, and possibly Shishka had something planned. Is that true?” “Could be, why?” Stosh asked, apprehensive. “I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help” “Yeah?” asked Stosh “[i]YEAH?[/i]” said Recon. “Yeah” Yoozel replied, calmly “Okay, but first you have to do something to strike against Maka. We have to know if you’re serious” Yoozel had planned on this. Stosh wasn’t stupid, and he would probably want proof. He and Maka had come up with some posts and replies they could act out. Of course, most of the community thought he was joking, but those, like un gato, Casey, and buffalo wing, who thought he was serious, received PM’s about how it was all a farse. “I already have” said Yoozel, showing Stosh his various insults against Maka. “Petty, but they do exhibit hate. You’re in….I suppose” said Stosh and he explained the plan. “Your part will be to lure Maka into a false sense of security. The two of you seem to be aquaitences.” “Alright, I’ll do it. But, I have something I was wondering. Is Shishka really part of this? If his is, why?” “Yep, he’s in on this. In fact, the whole Soul business was his idea. And why? He had no choice. I’m blackmailing him.” [b] Chapter 9 – A Most Triumphant Case [/b] It started out like any ordinary day, if your days normally consist of having a sick revenge forced upon you. While Maka was about to be banned from, we wasn’t worried. Much. Yoozel had told Maka everything. Maka didn’t really care. He’d lose a few fans, but it didn’t matter. He even made a post, to make sure people knew he was blacklisted. It was an interesting enough afternoon. jbSpine entered the Flood as he did most every day. He saw a locked thread bearing Maka’s name. He entered, thinking it’d be some holy grail of advice. Instead, he found the “blacklisted” message. at first, he was surprised and bewildered. Then, he began to feel it was a joke. Other’s came, offering their own opinions on the situation. When neither Maka, nor any other mod replied, things got scary. People kept posting, offering all sorts of info. Finally, Stosh posted, explaining that Maka was accidentally blacklisted by Disembodied Soul. Everyone laughed and began posting about how relieved they were. But then Maka was blacklisted agian. No one could figure out why. Yoozel and Maka were in the dark as well. Stosh never came foward to say it was an accident. The seeds of doubt were sewn. Did Maka really do something wrong? Maka lost an many fans, and a few friends. He was quite worried. Then he realized that Stosh still had Shishka in his palm. He knew he was innocent, but no one else (save Stosh, Shishka, and Recon) did. The scars from this day would run deeper than Maka could have thought. [b] Chapter 10- The Conclusion of an Epilogue [/b] Stosh was blacklisted later on for repeatedly bumping a religious thread. He hasn’t been heard from since. There are remors that he took a bullet in a New Mombassian War and died oi\n the operating table. These remors have let to be confirmed Recon Number 54 became a second rate moderator. He repented for helping Stosh, and didn’t get into too much trouble since he did little but the jobs of a “yes man”. He can be seen from time to time in the forums. Shishka is still an amazing mod, frequenting all the forums. He eventually got the tapes back, after sneaking in and stealing them. His is feared awnd respected at the same time. His reputation is unscathed, since the tapes never got out. To this day we wondered what would have happened if they did. Reiginko kept on moderating as always. People still fear his banning boots. Reg has since retired the phrase “I’ll put the business end of my banning boot up your RAM cache, “ since most of the reponses are that of confused people. Yoozel is also still a great mod now, though he has turned to “the bottle”. This doesn’t effect his moderating in the least. Some may argue that it makes it better. Halifax is still as cool as ever. He recently started pimping out new, female members. He owns a golden statue of himself, which he keeps in his mansions next to his signed copies of every Bungie game. MakaVeli4Life1 is still the number one moderator around. Most of the crazy attention he was getting had died down. Some attribute it to odd tides or solar thingamajigs. All I know is that most everything is back to normal with him. I also think that he won’t let himself he get too cool ever again. And me? I’m still around. I frequent the Flood, and only the flood. You can find me any time you like, should you need some help with something. But be careful. Bungie is a big place. In Memoriam of MakaVeli4Life1 1980-???? [Edited on 7/11/2005]

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