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8/28/2009 4:18:20 PM

Official Halo 3: ODST "Mythic Difficulty" Guide (NEW VIDEOS!!!)

[quote][b][u]UPDATE!!! -7/31/2010-[/u][/b] The *Official* ODST Mythic Guide is now live! [url=]For more information CLICK HERE![/url] [/quote] [quote][u][b]Mythic Update 9/11/2010[/b][/u] You can now keep yourself up to date with the Mythic madness by following [url=]the Team Mythic Twitter page[/url]! Stay tuned for the latest Mythic updates :-)[/quote] [quote][b][u]NEW!!![/u][/b] With video rendering now alive and well on, I will be uploading Mythic videos for missions as they are [i]perfected[/i], which translates to "walkthrough videos". These will be the videos used in the future ODST Mythic Walkthrough, so if you'd like a sneak peak, this is the place to find it! Enjoy :-)[/quote] [u][b]Mythic Difficulty[/u][/b] [i](Legendary + all skulls activated + scoring)[/i] [url=]*Link to Halo 3 variant*[/url] [quote][/quote] [b][u]Videos[/u][/b] 1) [url=]Tayari Plaza[/url] 2) [url=]Uplift Reserve[/url] 3) [url=]Kizingo Boulevard[/url] 4) [url=]ONI Alpha Site[/url] 5) [url=]NMPD HQ[/url] 6) [url=]Kikowani Station[/url] 7) [url=]Data Hive[/url] 8) [url=]Coastal Highway[/url] [quote][/quote] [b][u]Mythic ODST Q&A[/u][/b] [b]Q.[/b] How would you rate Mythic in ODST compared to Halo 3? [b]A.[/b] Over all, it's much easier. At least half of the missions can be raced from start to finish in most cases. And apparently ODSTs may not be able to jump as high or run as fast as Spartans, but they sure as hell can take a lot more damage! [b]Q.[/b] Do I have to beat [i]Mombasa Streets[/i] in order to complete Mythic campaign? [b]A.[/b] It's entirely up to you. If you select it from the menu, it technically has no end. Therefore, it makes it impossible to complete it as an individual mission. As such, it is not a requirement. [b]Q.[/b] What is the easiest mission? [b]A.[/b] [i]Uplift Reserve[/i]. It's even easier than [i]Floodgate[/i]. I inadvertently snagged the Vidmaster Classic achievement on my first Mythic run... [b]Q.[/b] What is the hardest mission? [b]A.[/b] [i]Coastal Highway[/i]. Some even consider it more difficult than [i]The Ark[/i]. Not only do you have to keep yourself alive through swarms of Brute-controlled Ghosts, Banshees, and Wraiths, but you also have to watch out for your buddy Dare and her new pet... [b]Q.[/b] Do you get a medal, emblem or achievement for doing this? [b]A.[/b] Nope. If you're going to do it, do it for the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment. [b]Q.[/b] How do I make it on the "Conquerors List"? [b]A.[/b] Hyperlink all of your completed missions in this thread, and make sure you have all films in your file share. [quote][/quote] [u][b]Mythic ODST: First Impressions[/u][/b] As you can probably tell from my campaign history, I wasted no time last night cranking up the Mythic Madness with the exception of the Blind Skull at first simply to get adjusted to the new user interface. Initial thoughts? The game is truly a wonder and allows Myhic to shine in a very unique light. The pistol puts the BR to shame in every respect, and if that piece of weaponry never ran out of ammo, I doubt death would occur very often at all. Thus far, I've run across a few useful tactics for Halo 3 Mythic that carry over into its ODST counterpart. Trick shots such as Range-Shooting, Clip-Shooting, and the Pop-Shot all still work perfectly. But there's a catch... The AI seem to have been given a few new behaviors (such as advancing and retreating) that sometimes keep you from pulling these tricks off successfuly. Things that have changed? Just from what I've witnessed so far,"stupified" Jackals have been removed from the equation entirely. They can now hold that plasma pistol charge indefinitely, so it looks like we're back to the old ways of dancing with berserking Brutes and assassinating fleeing Jackals in order to recharge our shields... er... I mean Stamina. Additional info: - Enemies seem to be weaker. The infamous ranged-jump performed by berserking Brutes is no longer and instant kill, even on Mythic. - Grenades (stickies) are weaker. A stick with a spike grenade usually won't destroy a Brutes armor. By the same token, though, they will still berserk with their armor. And yes, Brutes can STILL berserk with their weapons drawn. It seems more common in ODST than in Halo 3. - Jackal Snipers have lost their magical one-hit-kill-anywhere feature. They can still one-shot you if it's through the dome, but typically it will take at least two shots to bring you down. Note that one shot to the armor will bring your stamina all the way down. - When you plasma-charge an enemy under the effects of an engineer, the shields regenerate almost instantaneously, so be sure to follow up quickly with a headshot using a mid-ranfed weapon (eith Carbine or Pistol). Note that it still takes a couple of seconds for the shields to recharge [i]completely[/i], so even if you see it reappear, it may only take a couple of headshots to bring down the enemy if it JUST reappeared. More to come... [quote][b][u]Halo 3: ODST Mythic Conquerors[/u][/b] 1) VincentKurayama 2) Aurasoldier313 3) Legendary Smile 4) The MoleN 5) MATCLAN 6) Pahat Pojat 7) CBTrigger 8) Lt Play Doh 9) Gazas 10) DarkDEVASTAT10N 11) Michael_Archer 12) Thug Naztyyy 13) Uysie 14) Ultimate RC 15) El Santo 805 16) onlinealias 17) xNicHx 18) I The Tyrant I 19) N8ked Eli [/quote] [Edited on 09.11.2010 4:45 AM PDT]
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