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7/1/2005 6:46:56 PM

The Maka Conspiracy Part 3

[i] The name's Douglas Brown. I'm just a user trying to tell the truth. The truth about a name. A reputation that must be upheld. But all of that is irrelevant now. All you need to know is as follows. This is the story of MakaVeli4Llfe1 and why he was hit with The Hammer. Don’t look away. It just might hurt you. [/i] [b] Chapter 5- Unifications [/b] The Hammer was raised high above his head. Grogerwort could feel it’s energy and heat. He hated the Hammer, but at the same time he loved it. Loved it for keeping the forums so clean. Before he could philosophize, The Hammer came crashing down upon him. As Grogerwort lay there, twitching, Reiginko spat at him: “Never let me catch you swearing like that EVER again.” And then Grogerwort was gone. At this point Maka strode up. Maka knew better than to get between Reiginko and his “prey”. He knew Reiginko’s strength. He neither feared nor loved it, but at this point he knew he needed it. Maka made his propostion “Look, Reg, I need your help. I think Shishka and Stosh and planning something, and I, for the life of me, can’t figure out what it is.” Maka explained “Look, Mak. While you and your friends are having that feud, some one has to still moderate. I’ll hold down the fort for you, but that’s about all I can do.” Reiginko stated. He didn’t seem very sorry. “Thank’s Reg.” Maka replied and and started to walk off, disappointed. “Hey Mak,” Reiginko started, freezing Maka in his tracks. “I’ll let you know if anything comes up” “I appreciate it, Reg” said Maka, wondering why Reg would do that for him. He walked off, contemplating it. Fortunately, Reiginko was not the person Maka had had in mind for an ally. -------------------------------------------------------------------- “So that’s what’s up” Maka explained to Yoozel. “Can you be of service?” “Of course” replied Yoozel. “I’ll look for anything weird. I’ll also try to talk to Stosh. Message me if anything comes up.” “Same goes for you” said Shishka [b] Chapter 6- Fathomed[/b] “Do you both know why I wanted you to come to this chat?” asked Stosh “You figured out another way to get Maka?” asked Shishka, annoyed. “W can’t really do anything now, short of hacking into Maka’s account and screwing around.” said Recon Number 54 “We can do one better” said Stosh, getting really worked up. “You know Disembodied Soul?” “Yeah” came the response from both parties in the room. “Well, what if Maka were to have a little accident with The Soul?” asked Stosh “Maka would be shamed” said Shishka. “But how would we arrange this accident?” “That’s were you guys come in.” said Stosh. “Any ideas?” “I have and idea” said Recon “We create an alternate account and link it with Maka’s email address. Then we ghost edit a post in-” Shishka cut him off. “I haven’t told you guys this, but we can ban people using the Soul’s account. All we have to do is ban Maka, make up some reason and we’re done. Maka would be shamed. If any one questions us, we say it was an accident. Sure, it’ll make people think Maka didn’t deserve it, but at least we’ll be clear “But Maka has such a strong fan base” reasoned Stosh. “Surly they won’t believe Maka was banned on purpose.” “Not all of his fans are that devoted” piped up Recon “If he’s banned, enough of them will be shaken loose to get back at Maka. Some of them might even return to us” “You know Maka doesn’t care if he has fans or not” Shishka said “But we do!” said Stosh. “It’ll all go down tomorrow”.

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