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7/3/2004 1:03:03 AM

[S3P]-MSG to all current members

We are accepting members again! Welcome to the official site of the Spartan III Project. The [S3P] has a few goals. 1. To become an awesome team 2. To become a feared and well-known team 3. To always have fun when playing 4. Also in the long run to make friends and a community of gamers. For updates please take a look at the Intel section. This is the BEST Place for Halo. Be ready to tell me what spot you want to try out for. We also have a chapter at the Bungie Website that you should check out . Please take the time to check out the whole site. Each Fire Team will be composed of 24 people. Which means that we will only be allowing 48 members into this clan. As soon as we have 48 members I will stop accepting members. So I need all of my team leaders to recruit some people! RULES [*]Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty. [*]There is no such thing as a "cheap" or "unfair" tactic, there is only survival. [*]The word retreat is not in your goddamned vocabulary. [*]The nroad to victory is paved with corpses and slick with blood. [*]Teamwork is essential, it give the enemy someone else to shoot at. [*]Never leave a teammate behind. [*]When in doubt, blow -blam!- up. [*]When in doubt, empty your clip. [*]If you are trapped behind enemy lines shoot them in the back. [*]There are those who shoot and those who stop bullets, which are you? [*]When pinned down, pull a pin. [*]When death is sure, drop a grenade. [*]Spartan : you are a volunteer serving [S3P] faithfully and with honor. [*]Every Spartan is your brother-at-arms, irrespective of his nationality, race or creed. You will demonstrate this by an unwavering and straight forward solidarity which must always bind together members of the same family. [*]Respectful of the [S3P] traditions, honoring your superiors, discipline and comradeship are your strength, courage and loyalty your virtues. [*]Proud of your status as a Spartan, you will display this pride, by your turnout, always impeccable, your behavior, ever worthy, though modest, your living-quarters, always tidy. [*]An elite soldier : you will train vigorously, you will maintain your weapons as if it were your most precious possession, you will keep your body in the peak of condition, always fit. [*]A mission once given to you becomes sacred to you, you will accomplish it to the end and at all costs. [*]In combat : you will act without relish of your tasks, or hatred ; you will respect the vanquished enemy and will never abandon neither your wounded nor your dead, nor will you under any circumstances surrender your arms. [b][i]If you want to join email me at with your gamertag and your name and email[/i][/b] [u]There is also a new requirement: All members are required to and get a member account and as soon as you do email me at the above email with your MEMBER ID not your member name your ID. The site is a ladder site for clans and ours has been added for the RS3 Team elimination games... I need your ID's so i can invite you to my clan![/u] [Edited on 7/2/2004 5:15:15 PM]

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