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7/2/2004 8:33:57 PM

=STA= -- Superior Tactical Assault -- Information and Recruitment

Hey people the long wait is over... TF-1 has been renamed and re-organized into clan Supeior Tactical Assault- =STA=. We are dedicated to eliminate any threat or opposing force to us or our current ally, the GTF. If you want to join us recruitment info can be found at our website, Here is an overview of how we work... Other than the title of Commander, which is currently assumed by our glorious leader Skabok, there are several officer positions available in =STA=. First thing first, the =STA= is divided into 2 separate teams. Team 1 has the positions of Team Captain (filled by me), Secondary Officer and Assault Team Commander. Team 2 also has the positions of Team Captain, Secondary Officer, and Assault Team Commander. The current officers are listed below... Team 1 Captain: Skabok Team 1 Secondary Officer: Cheesebutt Team 1 Assault Team Commander: Cheesebutt Team 2 Captain: Adam Team 2 Secondary Officer: -position available- Team 2 Assault Team Commander: -position available- Other Officer positions will be available as =STA= grows in numbers. Here Are the =STA= positions you can choose from... =STA= Positions When you join the =STA= you will have to decide your position. These positions are limited to the number needed in the clan (the number of unoccupied slots for each position). The various positions you may take are listed below. Note: Captains and Secondary Officers take one of the positions listed below. Assault Team Member- Dedicated to "fighting the good fight," members of the Assault Team must learn to work together to pull of the mission that needs to be achieved (according to what gametype is being played). The Assault team is comprised of 4 members on an 8 member match team. They are required to carry at least 1 assault class weapon in their inventory at all times and are encouraged to carry a sidearm as well; they are also encouraged not to carry a sniper rifle. One of the four Assault Team members is the Assault Team Commander; he rides in the ghost and leads his team into battle. The rest of the team follows in a warthog. Note: The preceding sentences regarding vehicular transportation are only guidelines. Most members of =STA= are encouraged to use whatever vehicle they desire, other than the defenders of course. However it is expected of the Assault Team to work as a unit and stick together. Artillaryman- Debated as one of the most fun positions in =STA=, the job of the artillaryman has been said, in simpler terms, as "to blow $hit up." The artillaryman is required to carry an artillary-class weapon in his inventory at all times (artillary class weapons include the rocket launcher and fuel rod gun). They are also required to provide support from the tank whenever needed. There is 1 Artillaryman on an 8 member match team. He/She is usually not far behind the Assault Team. R/S Sniper: The name R/S Sniper is derrived from the fact that =STA= snipers hav to perform two duties: the "R" in R/S stand for Reconnasance, while the "S" in R/S stand for support. =STA= snipers are obligated to communicate enemy positions and other vital information to the rest of the team while providing support from sniper fire from their position. Because of this on exceptional snipers will be let into =STA=. Snipers are required to have a human sniper rifle in their inventory at all times and are encouraged to carry either another sniper rifle or a sidearm with them as well. They are encouraged to walk rather than use vehicular transport; however they may use any vehicles they choose as long as it does not obstruct the usage of the Warthog, Tank, and ghost by other =STA= positions. There is 1 sniper on an 8 member match team. Defender: The two defenders on each 8 member match team are expected to create a safe haven for the rest of the clan to launch assaults from and are expected to guard the flag during a CTF match. 1 Defender is expected to snipe and 1 is expected to man any turrets at the base. Both are also expected to carry a defense-class weapon (if you join our clan as a defender I will explain what the defense-class weapons are) other than a sniper rifle. They are not usually expected to use vehicles; however if either feels it is necessary to leave the base to provide for better defense measures ONE defender may leave the base at a time. If both defenders are found outside the base area at the same time each will face SEVERE REPERCUSSIONS. The above positions account for all slots on an 8-member team during a clan match. Each team in =STA= is comprised of 13 members: 6 Assault Team Members, 2 Artillarymen, 2 R/S Snipers, and 3 Defenders. Protocol for a lack of members during a clan match will be discussed before the match if need be. Now that all of that is out of the way, lets review: you will be placed on a team when Halo 2 comes out based on your performance during an audition. You will be placed either on Team 1 or team 2 dependin on your skill level. A rumored "Team 3" could be formed but for now that 9s just speculation.... If you want to join, PM me or email me at with all the information requesed by the website (name, desired position, credentials, etc.) We are currently accepting everyone until all slots are full but we are asking for people who are good enough to hold their own in Halo well enough. More threads will beposted at later times in this forum adressing other aspects. If you email or PM me today, expect an answer by tuesday. I will be away until then. Good luck and Godspeed, Skabok Commander of =STA= Forces

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