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7/27/2009 8:34:05 PM

The Definitive Recon Thread- UPDATED September 30th--Now With Synopsis

[url][/url] ^^^ Recon Sticky [url=][i]The[/i] Recon Speculation Thread[/url]. [quote]Head: The Mjolnir VI/R variant was developed concurrently with the Mjolnir Mark VII* Powered Assault Armor. The goal was to increase stealth capability without impacting endurance. Shoulders: In developing the Mjolnir VI/R variant, the goal was to increase the armor's overall stealth capability with little or no loss of endurance. This was achieved by relying on several tried-and-true methods. Body: In developing the Mjolnir Mark VII Powered Assault Armor/R, the emphasis was to increase stealth capability, specifically by reducing its IR signature, reflective surfaces, and Cherenkov radiation emission.[/quote] *SOURCE: Search Bar+ Alec9224* Picture:[url][/url] Being the hypocrite I am, I have decided to make a thread about Recon to quell a thread or two about it. And yes this did take me a few hours to get everything together. That's just how much I love you guys. Recon. We first saw it in an old picture. [url=]This one[/url]. But what was it? It was some armor Bungie decided not to put into the game, right? Sure, let's go with that. [quote][url=][b]Guyver45 asks[/b], [i]Is it true that the Flaming Head and Ninja Recon helmet is for Bungie only? [/i] No idea what you're talking about. Flaming Heads? Nonsense.[/url][/quote] Bungie, at this point, refused to acknowledge what it was. But the rumor had already spread- for Bungie only. The following week it's out. [quote][url=]I'm making a list, I'm checking it twice, and it's a list of dumb messages (and perfectly polite ones) inquiring about the Recon armor permutation. The short answer to those inquiries is, "No, you can't have it." The people you see with the Recon helmet are Bungie employees, and they did nothing in-game to unlock it. There is nothing you can do to unlock it. The same counts for the flames. Don't be too jealous however, since the flaming head makes us a giant target and is reflected in our online performances sometimes. Sending us angry or rude messages won't help and our policy now is to simply block communications with folks who're rude and our sincere apologies to the polite folks, that we don't have enough time to answer your question individually. We've had literally thousands of requests. No apologies however to the dude last night telling me to "turn down the retardation" in a game of Social Slayer. [/url][/quote] So now it's confirmed- you can't do anything to get it. Stop trying. Stop bugging us about it. It's ours to do with as we wish. Recon was mentioned in the 10/25 Humpday Challenge. [i]Oh Bungie stop taunting us! I want Recon so bad give it to me![/i] (note the switch between 'us' and 'i') [url=]Ah, but here was a turn of events[/url]. Recon was given out to [i]non[/i] Bungie Employees for the first time. UNACCEPTABLE! Bungie noooooes! y cn thy haz rekonz ZOMG!!! This was for the infamous traffic cone and sniper suicide incidents- the first to do so (and to readers: No, you won't get Recon for doing the same). [url=]And no, don't ask: us using your map/gametype/films/screenshots doesn't mean you're getting the Recon armor. Recon is Fight Club and the first rule is you don't talk about it.[/url] There is it. The rule: Don't talk about Recon. [url=]For his work on the map 'The Great Wall' (which apparently has been taken down since I cannot find it and the gamertag given does not have the map up on the file share), another person received Recon.[/url] Now here's the analysis: before that, I noticed a lot of people thought the cone kill and sniper suicide were cool. 'Wow I've never seen that before.' 'Lol he got killed by a safety cone. Not very safe.' Yet with this map I remember some people telling me how it wasn't that super. Sure it received a ton of downloads and everybody played it back then at least once (exaggeration) but people started saying, 'Mine's better- why'd he get Recon?' This was the beginning of a problem. People were, and are, jealous. They began to think they could decide who deserved what better than Bungie. dum dums. [url=]No ikkle childrens- you can not haz Recon![/url]... according to the 1/18 weekly update. [url=]Aw how sweet- a painting of Mister Chief up for Auction.[/url] The thing is... if I'm remembering correctly Bungie actually threw in Recon to go with that. Or maybe that was the vending machine auction later... eh. [url=]Ah Valentines Day. A day of love. Bungie gave people that in the form of... [i]Recon[/i].[/url] Hurray luck! Yet this was also a turn. This was the last time Bungie ever, to this day, announced the names of the people. See, stupid mentally challenged people began to think they were cool by stealing peoples' accounts who had Recon. For some reason they thought they had something to gain by it. Dumb dumbs. Bungie obviously made the right move there though. Also said... Bungie can take aware Recon. Beware (that goes for people today too- don't be a jerk or lose it!)! [url=]Ah, a different contest. Anyone who was active in a positive manner on a different website- Fyreball.[/url] [quote] [url=][b]Beaverkill2227 asks:[/b] [i]Is it true that Recon is unlockable. I'm not asking for hints or for recon itself. Just wondering if it is truly unlockable. [/i] No, it is NOT UNLOCKABLE. Bungie has to gift it to you. So please don't spam mailboxes, or come up with crazy schemes. It will be a natural organic process. Bungie will give it to folks who're cool, do something nice, play well, perform good deeds, whatever. They will NOT give it to anyone who harasses or harangues them. And don't complain about the vague criteria either, or you go on the "complainer" list of no Recon.[/url][/quote] [url=]Ah, Double Exp. can get you Recon too. Sweet. [/url] [url=]The Requirements were posted later[/url]. I know I tried for this one- went for Bomb Kills. I failed miserably. [url=]'Lulz'- kinda funny talk at the end, even if only one comment is about Recon.[/url] Now here's something interesting. Lots of new guys don't realize this... but Shishka wasn't always at Bungie (nO wAi DoOd). [url=]No, he came back.[/url] He says [url=]no 'con for you! Next![/url] [url=]I heard if you ask enough, a Bungie Employee will give you Recon[/url]. [Edited on 09.30.2009 6:27 PM PDT]
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