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6/28/2009 4:37:37 PM

Bnet Archive of Hilarity. (Now easier to view)

Well I've been a part of Bnet for about two and a half years, and I just wanted to post a few "Memories" that I'm sure we all got a laugh out of. A Re-union of sorts for all of us. UPDATE: Im reducing this thread to only the FUNNIEST, and most memorable of them. Its gonna be a few days, but I'm working on it. Updated- Sorted by Forum. [u]Halo:Reach Forum[/u] [url=]Out DMR'd Noob![/url] [url=]Jump to Conclusions[/url] [url=]o hello[/url] [url=]Erectile Bloom[/url] [url=]How to troll reach?[/url] [url=]Best bump ever.[/url] [url=]Colorblind Gamer. (4th page quotes the OP)[/url] [url=]MC may be a woman![/url] [url=]bump[/url] [url=]Why does this have 8 pages?[/url] [url=]Does anybody want to date me?[/url] [url=]The best bump ever.[/url] [u]Halo 3: ODST Forum[/u] [url=]ODST Forum is funny.*[/url] [url=]ODST may give us some competition it seems..*[/url] [url=]Kinda made me laugh.*[/url] [u]Halo 3 Forum[/u] [url=]Harddrive photos?*[/url] [url=]Dancing marine*[/url] [url=]Screw Assassin Armor(Included because it is legendary) *[/url] [url=]Priceless..General Button layout*[/url] [url=]lmao...great..*[/url] [url=]Murphy's laws of halo*[/url] [url=]Your ban is over huh?*[/url] [url=]Foman..we know you hate cats, and yes you're going to hell.*[/url] [url=]Shishka owning kids*[/url] [url=]Shishka owning more kids..*[/url] [url=]Why am i not exalted heroic member?*[/url] [url=]Killing the big crab*[/url] [url=]How does i get into matchmaking?*[/url] [url=]Spartan Bruce*[/url] [url=]How many kills with your pp?*[/url] [url=]I double teamed cortana!-Found by Eriskster*[/url] [url=]FoMan wants a Warthog mounted megan fox.*[/url] [url=]This one =]*[/url] [url=]Press B to Highfive!*[/url] [url=]The Legendary Maps are a failure![/url] [url=]New map revealed[/url] [url=]The world's first legit killtacular[/url] [url=]Looks like he's gone pro.[/url] [url=]The sniper shoots too far![/url] [url=]Sandbox is actually just Lockout, from H2[/url] [url=]I fixed your maps for you bungie[/url] [u]Optimatch Forum[/u] [url=]Look, I'm in egypt, I see the pyramids!*[/url] [u]Bungie Universe Forum[/u] [url=]No wonder humanity..[/url] [url=]Wow..*[/url] [u]Bungie Community Forum[/u] [url=]The Screw*[/url] [url=]Skiska u got it good*[/url] [url=]Stosh owned tinman*[/url] [url=]Expensive Forge*[/url] [url=]April Fool's 09*[/url] [url=]Shishka in a tutu?*[/url] [url=]Pin this Topic*[/url] [url=]Stosh gets fired*[/url] [url=]Bungie Points*[/url] [url=]Monty Python[/url] [url=]Downloading[/url] [url=]Joseph Staten Meme[/url] [url=] Achievements[/url] [url=]How do I ban people?[/url] [url=]April Fool's 2010[/url] [url=]Boogne took my map![/url] [url=]Tide the leader![/url] [url=]Best layout ever[/url] [url=]Forum 50's[/url] [url=]I have the superintendent in my possession[/url] [url=]ILL CALL CHUCK NORRIS[/url] [url=]Bungie, I want moistly in reach[/url] [url=]Denial is hard.[/url] [url=]Signatures.[/url] [url=]List of naughty words.[/url] [u]The Flood[/u] [url=]I am dumd*[/url] [url=]I fed it a fugecicle*[/url] [url=]14 INCH BUTT HAIR.**[/url] [url=]I look like a pigeon*[/url] [url=]Elite fetish*[/url] [url=]Wow..El's epicness*[/url] [url=]Shishka on another rampage*[/url] [url=]Is it supposed to be like this when I'm banned?*[/url] [url=]why do people hate me?*[/url] [url=]Bathroom Candy*[/url] [url=]Dangers of intimate interaction with one's self.*[/url] [url=]Freakin 'lol*[/url] [url=]Im in love with my character on Mass Effect*[/url] [url=]How do you like your women? (This thread is win.)*[/url] [url=]K Mart is on a roll. Read the entire thread.[/url] [url=]Origin of the Meme[/url] [url=]The neotoric sovereignty of Bel-Air[/url] [url=]Cool..Story..Bro[/url] [url=]Quote of the year thread[/url] [url=]The OP family.[/url] [url=]Tabs.[/url] [url=]Epic Fail thread[/url] [u]Other:[/u] [url=]Waaahmbulance.*[/url] [url=]Goes with guytobanppl.*[/url] [Edited on 05.27.2011 2:38 PM PDT]

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