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5/18/2005 3:35:39 AM

My E3 Press confrence review(Sony wins)

Ok if you dont know all the press confrences were today, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Well lets start with Micrsoft. While they had lots of 360 games to show, none of them said to me, I must buy a Xbox 360 like Halo did.The only game that looked good to me was Gears of War. Also the whole Ebay on Xbox live thing( as people are calling it) ,a.k.a. The Market Place, Sounds kinda dumb. I dont buy consoles for all this other stuff like playing music and movies. I buy them for playing games. Moving on to Nintendo. Well I was hoping for the best and I love Nintendo but they sucked. They show the Revolution( a small black box) but without a controller and no game footage!WTF!! The only positive thing said about the Revolution there was that Super Smash Brothers was going to be online and that you would be able to download old Nintendo games. Then they show off games coming this year. Nintendogs( interesting idea) sold millions in Japan but I dont think it will do that well here. And then The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, witch im really excited about. But thats about it. Oh and then the stupidest thing ever. They act like theres going to be a new GB, like the rumored Gameboy Evolution, and then its just a remake of the GBA, but smaller. SMALLER!!!!!!!! Its the freakin size of a cell phone. Once again very stupid Nintendo as much as I love you. Ok, heres the big one Sony. Well knowing virtually nothing about the PS3 I was amazed when I saw it. Sony came out with statistics, game footage, about how the system works, and(unlike Nintendo) actually showed of the controller. The controller is the only thing, THE ONLY THING, I didnt like about the PS3. Ok how about games for the PS3. The footage for Killzone 2, Fight Night, Red Revolver, was all amazing. Then when I look at the Xbox 360 I go wow those graphics arent that good. Then when I look at Nintendo and we dont even know what the Revolution can do, witch is a shame. Well there you have it. If you havent seen the Killzone footage you must its amazing. Thank you for your time and attention:)

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