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5/17/2005 6:41:22 PM

Want some Nintendo press conference goodness? Well, not so goodness?

Good old Gizmodo. Gota love it. [quote]12:35 EST - The fire marshall is saying we’re all going to die. Sounds awesome. 12:43 EST - Nintendo has said we’ll be starting as soon as they work out some “issues with the fire marshall.” But yet, people are still cramming themselves in. Very weird. 12:46 - It’s started and it’s already sort of lame. More liveblogging after the jump. It’s about “kicking ass and taking names” and people screamed. Come on, people. 12:48 EST- First games: Metroid, Mario, Animal crossing DS, Nintendogs, new Zelda (people flipped out, bu -blam!-’s old footage), Mario Kart DS, another Veiwtiful Joe, some Football game. It’s really unclear what of those were on Revolution and what were on existing platforms. 12:50 EST - Sounds like Reggie is going to talk about the DS, a bit about Revolution, and the new Zelda. 12:52 EST - Nintendo is an “‘and’ company,” they say. They’re talking about how many games they’ve sold since the beginning (2 billion). Still, it’s a bunch of yapping about how innovative they are and how they have “changed the game.” 12:55 EST - Five million DS sales worldwide, 2x of what the PSP has sold. It’s still a load of crap, right? So the DS is doing somewhat better, but the PSP isn’t launched in Europe (which Nintendo admitted). Anyway, just pointless. 12:59 - They have this DJ on stage making music with two DS and Electroplankton. It’s sort of cool, I guess. They’re really going to have the portable gaming DJ cornered. 13:02 EST - Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Dual connection system, Gamespy, etc. All stuff we know, really. “We expect the participation rate of the Nintendo DS to reflect a clear majority of owners.” They’re aiming for 90% adoption of DS online gaming. It’s free, at hotspots (they haven’t said with whom, yet). No additional monthly charge for first-party wireless play. 13:06 EST - They’re going to try to address the issue of “macho” gaming although they didn’t really say. 25 publishers making DS wireless games. Square Enix is making a DS online game. Mario Kart and Animal Crossing DS by the end of this year. Year-end LAN/Wi-Fi Tony Hawk game, allowing people to form their own ‘skate crews.’ DS multiplayer will be live on the showfloor tomorrow. 13:08 EST - The Japanese are loving Nintendogs, apparently. I can understand, because it’s awesome. They’re saying the runaway success of Nintendogs is pushing a lot of DS hardware in Japan, tripling the sales of the PSP. Guess there’s their killer app. Give it to us, thanks. 13:11 EST - Nintendogs still. You can go into ‘Bark Mode,’ which will let you send your dog out to play with others. And the owner of the other dog? Shigeru -blam!- Miyamoto.[/quote]
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