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5/17/2005 4:11:16 AM

Halo 3 multiplayer and story

A few suggestions my freinds and I have concockted for halo 3, put the halo 1 assult rifle back in, I miss my assult rifle, that was my favorite gun, 60 rounds of complete auto, the SMG is ok but my assult rifle was better! Elite Flood as playable characters in multiplayer, Think about it, plenty of times do you see elite flood with a sheild so theres that already, and they can hold any gun, they would just have to reduce the speed and the impact of their melee, or their sheild could start at 75% and their speed or melee stays the same. Drivable pelicans or phantoms in huge open maps like coagualation or the new sidewinder, sorry don't know its name, but that would be sweet! The rocket hog from halo 1 pc, that would have added some more variety to multiplayer games. Highjack and cotroll sentinals, so you'd fly around as them and your weapon would be their beam, Have fire type switch in campeign. If you press the back button in the story it doesn't do anything so you should be able to switch between wepon fire for instance the SMG its main fire is full auto-emply clip as fast as possible, then the second fire would be more accurate but fire rate reduced slightly. Optical camoflauge for the cheif because we are already developing a primative form of active camo. Have a 4 player cameign, 2 SPARTANS and 2 marines, the 2 players playing as the marines would have no sheild but they would get more health, and more ammo, or at least enogh players to fill a warthog. Some form of a covenant rocket launcher because the covenant envy the human rocket launcher, you'd think they take it and improve it with a plasma explosion or more ideas just running a little long here, gimme your ideas! [Edited on 5/16/2005]
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