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4/14/2009 11:14:48 PM
876 IRC Chat: mkick free for 5 minutes

[quote]UPDATE: Just so this doesn't get locked again, please don't reply unless you have a legitimate comment or concern.[/quote][quote][b]UPDATE: 1/14/11[/b] - Please direct any questions/complaints regarding bans to the channel's moderation staff via [b]PM[/b]; [u]do not reply to this thread to ask why you were banned[/u]. (Primo84, [url=]True Underdog[/url], [url=]Halo Tru7h[/url], [url=]Breadisgood91[/url], [url=]elmicker[/url], [url=]Primum Agmen[/url], [url=]Nerd Boi[/url])[/quote] So it's no big secret to those who frequent the Septagon that many members want some sort of chat feature implemented on And for those who have paid attention, Achronos has shot the idea down every time it's been brought up. Well, I'm going to try to appeal to the masses by offering what I believe to be the next best thing: [b]a IRC Channel[/b]. You may ask yourself: [i]"Primo, what the -blam!- is an IRC Channel?"[/i] Well, according to Wikipedia, [i]"Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet text messaging (chat) or synchronous conferencing. It is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums, called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private message, as well as chat and data transfers via Direct Client-to-Client."[/i] In short, an IRC Channel is a chat room. [quote][/quote] Now, before you all flock to the channel to post a bunch of inappropriate links and get all that profanity out of your systems, there are a few simple ground rules. 1. No racial slurs; you will be booted. 2. No post-flooding: you will be booted. 3. No impersonating other users on the channel: you will be booted and possibly sodomized. (Note: Don't impersonate other members either, you'll just look like an idiot when someone figures you out.) 4. No inappropriate links (pr0nz): you will be booted. 5. Don't ask to be an OP, which is about the equivalent to a Moderator; you will be booted. [b]6. (New as of 11-15-09) Excessive intentional misspelling of words in a lolcat or leetspeak manner is now a punishable offence. It's not cute; you don't sound funny, you sound stupid.[/b] Anyway, the link is provided below; you will be brought to a log in screen. Enter your desired username, don't enter a password, and log in. When actually in the chat room, you can register (and secure) your username bu typing in the following command: (Don't type the parentheses.) [b]/msg nickserv register (the password you wish to use) (a valid email address)[/b] If you get there and there are only a few people on, don't worry, if this even catches on, it will probably take a few days to become active. IRC Clients [b](Highly recommended)[/b]: [b][url=]XChat 2 (For PC)[/url] [url=]Chatzilla (For PC)[/url] [url=]mIRC (For PC)[/url] [url=]XChat Auqua (For Mac)[/url] [url=]Limechat (For Mac)[/url][/b] If you're unable to download a client, or are just lazy, links to the Java Client: [b][url=]#BungieNet[/url][/b] [b][url=]Alternate Link in case the first one is ever down[/url][/b] [u][b]Client Tutorial Videos[/b][/u](Thanks Sy) [url=]mIRC[/url] [url=]XChat[/url] [b]You should read this; it's kind of important:[/b] [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] True_Underdog There were a few issues I saw in the channel shortly after it launched. Obviously a huge wave of traffic hit it; that's good. But a lot of people were just spamming and trolling; that's bad. As it's been stated in the thread already, as soon as the novelty wears off, people who want to stay and talk will stay and talk, whereas people who get bored of the new toy will leave. That's cool. Also, I'm going to be more lenient than usual for the first few days of the channel. I want to encourage people to come. I've been banned for spamming channels before; forums have a lot more structure than chats do, so I totally understand if people get carried away. I'm pretty sure the other ops are going to be pretty lenient too for the first little while. Don't take advantage of our leniency, please. I want this channel to work. Some of you are getting the wrong idea about the channel. Some of you went expecting to see Bungie related chatter (whether it be about Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, or the community in general). We will have those discussions if this chat lasts. When Bungie announces or shows us new stuff, you can bet we'll be the place you can talk about it in real time, but between then, we're a hangout for the Bungie Community and you can talk about whatever. Today was a little hectic, but if you were lucky enough to see the [partially sane] conversation about PAX and other future events, you got a glimpse of what we hope the channel turns into. You'll get as much out of the channel as you put into it. If you've never IRC'd before, you may notice that more than one conversation goes on at once. Reading through the "cross-talk" can be a pain in the butt at first, but you'll get used to it. Channels really shine when everyone is gellin' and talks about the same subject (see: the bit about PAX). Of course today, with all the jerkfaces being, well...jerkfaces, it was much harder to read through the cross talk, but as I said, it'll die down. I hope you guys enjoy the channel. Like I said, you'll get as much out of the channel as you put into it. IRC channels can be pretty fun. I'm back, baby![/quote] [b][u][i]UPDATE[/i][/u][/b] Seeing as we use it about once a week, I went ahead and registered the [url=]#BungieNet TinyChat[/url]. Same rules as the IRC channel apply. (Along with's TOS) [b]FOREWARNING[/b]: The TinyChat is not intended to replace the IRC channel. It's just something we use every now and then when we're bored. If you go on there and nobody is on, well, tough -blam!-. Also, I'm aware the UI is ugly as hell; there's nothing I can do about that. [i]whoosh[/i] [Edited on 04.24.2011 11:31 AM PDT]

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