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6/23/2004 5:35:16 PM

Mods Destroy this Thread

Here it is the Athenian Guard read and if you want to join go to the site. Sorry is really long you might want to go get something to drink. First I believe it should be called the Athenian Guard mainly because the Athenian kicked Spartan ass a long time ago. This name would be a subtle jab at other clans such as the Spartan Squad. Also Athens was one of the first places to consider everybody equal and if you read how the clan is organized you will understand how this applies. That?s my reason for the name. As for how my new type of clan would work I'll explain. Everyone has a job on a team of 8 in a capture the flag game. The jobs consist of 2 assaulters, 2 drivers, sniper, gunner, defender, and a pilot. The assaulters can go by foot or ride in the passenger seat in the wart hog they are the main people to steal the enemies flag. They can use any weapons they choose except for the human and covie sniper rifles (the sniper is the only one who can use those weapons). The drivers drive any land based vehicle ghost, tank, warthog, etc they are expected to stay in their vehicles at all times unless the flag happens to drop right near where they are. The sniper is what his name suggests they snipe they have to have at least one type of sniper rifle in their inventory at all times, they do not steal the flag only assaulters go into the base to steal it. The gunner uses the LAAG, rocket launcher, and the mag-lev gun on the back of warthogs or on the back of jump-jets if those are available in halo 2 he like the drive is expected to stay in the vehicle at all times. The defender makes sure our flag does not leave the base he guards it and makes sure he can see it at all times. If it is stolen he is free to use any means necessary to get it back whether it be running, sniping, flying, or driving he can do them all. The pilot drives flyable vehicles such as the banshee or jump-jet. Once again every person is free to use what ever weapon they choose except the Sniper Rifles (both types) those can only be used by snipers and defenders when the flag is stolen. I do not know if you have been in a clan before but if you have you would know that most clans have a ranking system this clan would not be like that. There is NO LEADER only a founder meaning that no one bosses any one around during a game everyone is just expected to do their job. The founder has the ability to make alliances with other clans and kick members out, political things such as that but in game he is as powerful as everyone else. Now the way the job system works is once a person joins they pick the job they like most. Then when halo 2 comes out they would make their gaming name. Say they choose to be a sniper their name would be AG (Athenian Guard) S (sniper) AG-S Killboy whatever they like. The way the tag system works is everyone put AG in front of their name and then a label for their job. I'll right out all of them right now. AG-A = Assaulter AG-D = Driver AG-S = Sniper AG-G = Gunner AG-F = Defender (F is for flag) AG-P = Pilot Now say you do your job for a month and your getting board of just sniping you can switch all you have to do is change your name to fit what job you want to do. Most clans also appear they are forcing people to pick colors and emblems that the clan leader wants them to have. The Athenian Guard doesn't do that we let people pick whatever color or emblem they want as long as they are on the same team when the game starts. Now last but not least what happens if when a game starts the perfect 8 person set up doesn't work out? Say the game starts and there are 2 snipers and no defenders well one of them is expected to say "I'll defend for this game" the next game they switch. People are expected to be understanding if the founder finds out that people aren't agreeing with each other a 3 strike rule applies if the incident happens in which both people refuse to defend and the founder hears about it 3 times on 3 different occasions he can kick them out. Overall this clan bases itself on the idea that if everyone does their job well no matter how bad a halo player they are overall if they do their one job well the team as a whole will succeed. [Edited on 6/26/2004 5:00:28 PM]

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