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3/11/2005 8:00:59 PM

Why I hate the covenant.

Gather round, younglings. I have a story to tell. [b]Assault on the Control Room. Co-op with a friend. Legendary[/b] My friend and I began this level, determined to save at least one marine. We started off easily enough. Made it outside. My friend grabbed the rocket launcher and the sniper from beside the warthog. I had a pistol and an assault rifle. We barely made it away, I drove, my friend in the side seat, a marine in the back. The other two marines were torn to pieces almost as soon as we arrived. We got to the scorpion. The marine was still alive and we managed to kill the covenant around the tank with only one casualty. Now I drove the tank, two marines and Johnson riding on the side and my friend driving the warthog with the marine in the back. We made it through the next area, no casualties due to us taking things slowly. Down we went into the tunnel, and we came to the bridge. The plan was that my friend would drive on ahead and quickly flip the switch while I took out the main defences with my tank. He made it to the other side, but there was nothing for me to attack except for grunts and jackals. The hunters and elites were hiding somewhere else. He flipped the switch, I was across the bridge. Then the rest of the covenant came out of hiding and all hell broke loose. I had to abandon my tank after coming under heavy fire. Johnson was taken out by a barrage of fire from the elites. My friend's warthog was tipped by a hunter shot and he and his marine were pitched out. Another of my marines was killed by a flailing hunter. The last marine and I desperately ran towards the overturned warthog, where my friend and his marine were. My friend tipped over the warthog and got in, screaming at us to hurry up. His marine was firing from the turret when a single shot from a jackal blasted him from his seat. I got into the side seat and heard my marine yell "Man down. MAN DOWN!" He jumped into the gunner seat and we drove out of the tunnel. By this time we were determined for our final marine to survive. We were just going to drive past as quick as possible. Up top we took a glancing hit from a banshee mortar and spun out of control. The overturned warthog, me and my friend landed in the cover of a cliff and I saw to my amazement that the marine was still alive, but out in the open. "-blam!-. Covering fire!" My friend and I shot like madmen, desperately trying to keep him alive as he ran towards us. A jackal managed to get a volley in at the marine and he stumbled, but kept on going. My friend was sniping like crazy, the only weapon I had ammo for was my assault rifle. The marine was almost at us, when the door to one of the structures opened and two elites came out. They fired at my friend and floored him in a second. I survived by taking cover behind the upturned warthog. Then the elites noticed my marine. One of them fired and he stumbled again. Picking up my friend's sniper, I took him out with two shots to the head. Then the other one fired at me, forcing me back into cover. The marine was still running towards me. Then the elite noticed him again. He fired and the fellow dropped. Whenever I see an elite on live, I make sure his death is especially humiliating.
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