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6/17/2004 12:48:56 AM

Classifieds Rules, READ THESE. (updated)

Welcome to the Classifieds! This is Bungie’s forum for recruiting of groups/chapters, clans and Halo/Bungie games events. of course we have a few rules around here to keep the peace, and if you do not obey them you will face the consequences. Before you post please read these rules and the other guides that are located at the top of the page. (These rules are add ons to the official rules located [url=]here.[/url]) 1. One of the most important rules, [b]do not bump your post![/b] If you wish to add more information to your post, use the [b]edit[/b] feature, located at the bottom of your post. The only exception to this rule is if you run out of characters to use, which at a limit of 10,000 is a very hard feat to do. This rule is enforced because we feel that everyone should have a fair chance at getting members to join their organization and if one group decides to keep bumping their thread to the top of the forum it creates an unfair chance. If you continue to bump you will be blacklisted from the forums for one week, if you still continue to bump or break rules after that, you will be permanently banned from the forums. 2. Do not post in other people’s threads! Bashing on other clans, groups, etc… can start flame wars and the person responsible will be banned. This is also an indirect form of bumping, if you need to communicate with the starter of a post, message them by click their name. The classifieds is not a place to hold discussions, it is a place to advertise and that is it. 3. Posting more than one (1) new thread per three (3) hours in this forum will be considered spam and you will be blacklisted. These are the two main rules of this forum, abide by them and’s over all rules and you will be fine. Break the rules and you will be punished to the best of the abilities of the moderator team. You are lucky Bungie has dedicated a forum for the specific use of advertising, do not abuse this forum by spamming or causing trouble, because Bungie can take away this forum. If you catch someone abusing the rights to the forum, feel free to contact me via [url=] PM system.[/url] I am on several times a day, but when you PM me, please provide a link (or the URL so I can copy and paste) and the name of the person. [Edited on 3/25/2005 4:13:38 PM by chris547]

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